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Looking For A Radio D.J. [Open Freq]

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*Doc Holliday would hold down the button on his radio to broadcast, his voice sounds very gruff, as if it was full of gravel.*

"Hello there citizens of South Zagoria, this is your good friend, Doctor Holliday. I am in need of an assistant to help my dear friend and I run a radio station! We currently need a person to play the music, but do not fret patrons, we already have the equipment up and running, and the music on standby, we just need someone to sit here and play the tunes so others can hear something that soothes their souls, my friend and I will handle the other things, such as broadcasting the news after every few songs or so. If you are interested, please contact me on this frequency."

*He releases the PTT button and gives the thumbs up to Mr. South Zagoria.*

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::Bennie would scratch his head, and hold down the PTT::

::His voice would sound dragged, and surfer like::

Radio dude? Man.. I'm not a radio broadcaster, but if you play some cool songs and stuff, I'll tune in man...

::Bennie would let go of the PTT, and eats some beans::

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