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Impromptu mentor for game mechanics?

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I know of the mentor thread, but I don't really think that type of mentorship (that being hero,villain,survival) is what I'm looking for. I recently got settled into a new job, and now have a schedule of 4 days on and 4 days off, so I have a viable amount of free time. What I'm looking for is someone to help me with the actual game mechanics. The game has evolved greatly since the days of the original mod and it's rightfully a lot more confusing. I'd also like to just have someone to play with honestly. I'm solid at roleplay, and mainly partake in survival and the occasional chaotic good roleplay. 

Thank you. 

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The mentor system can also teach you the game mechanics by speaking to you over TS while being in-game with you. It is nice to make your mistakes with a mentor privately before you go to others who might take it more seriously.

I am a mentor myself and wouldn't mind playing with different people to improve both our roleplay, not only having focus on teaching away something.

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Hello! Another mentor from the team here,

I absolutely love messing around with game mechanics / item interaction / crafting and the like. If you'd like to hang about sometime on the teamspeak and rp / fiddle with mechanics, I'd be more than happy to give you a hand and catch you up on how things work. 

I tend to play late evenings EST with the occasional early afternoon. Send me a PM if it interests you :) 

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You can find a group, here:

Finding people to role-play with, without a group, you can just go on TeamSpeak and peek around in rooms and ask people if they're flying solo as well.

Now about the game mechanics, it's actually something that you could ask during any session, you could always just try any style of roleplay randomly and see if you like it along the way.

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