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Massive Amount of Memory Error Messages when Opening my Windows Session

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I post this here because I know that some members are good with PC so I was hoping someone has a solution that isn't about Reinstalling windows or buying new parts.

Yesterday, a friend helped me reinstalled windows 7 because I was having some problems with it. I went back home and downloaded and installed my NVIDIA Graphic Drivers and my usual programs (Steam, Uplay, Teamspeak, Discord, etc) and some games. I played for a few hours and everything was running smooth and without a problem. Before going to sleep, I started to download the games that I lost when formatting my SSD to reinstall Windows (Forgot to transfer my things), and started the Windows Update option because, last time I reinstalled windows when I bought the PC, I had some problem because I didn't do the Windows Updates.

When I woke up this morning, my father told me that, when he started the PC, there was a message asking to select the type of keyboard. he selected US keyboard and then the PC asked to select an Image of Windows to repair it. He didn't touch anything and let me deal with it. I selected "Repair with program" or something like that. It repaired something and restarted the PC. It opened my session correctly but then, I had dozens over dozens of Memory Error Messages from all the default programs that start with the PC. Literally nothing was working because of Memory Errors. I was able to play games like Rainbow Six Siege and War Thunder and go on Google Chrome, TeamSpeak and Discord without a problem yesterday night. I think something went wrong when I did the Windows Update. Does anyone can help me? I can't even open anything while in my session because everything stops working.

The only things that normally starts when starting a session are Discord, Steam and GeForce Experience. (I think I forget one or two programs but they should be Windows related programs since I just reinstalled windows so there shouldn't be any random programs that starts.)

My specs :

- Intel Core i7-4770 3.4ghz (Less than 2 years of usage)

- Asus Motherboard (Forgot the exact brand) (Less than 2 years of usage)

- 16 Gb of RAM (Less than 2 years of usage)

- 750 Watts Power Supply (Less than 2 years of usage)

- GTX 970 (About 2 years of usage)

- 1 256 Gb SSD (Brand New)

- 1 2 Tb Hard Drive (Less than a year of usage)

- Windows 7 64 bits

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