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(Private Freq) For Cid

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*Luciano holds down the PTT

'Cid....a friend of mine told me you came looking for me or buckshot...what is it you wanted? Let me know

oh and hows the ol ball and chain doing...?

* He lets go waiting for a response* 

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*Cid grunts as he hears Luciano's voice over and old frequency of his.  He unclips the radio from the side, putting his binoculars down to concentrate on the conversation.*

"Took you long enough."

*You can hear him grunt, followed by the sound of a lighter and him taking a full drag.*

"I figured you had bit the dust.  You went completely fucking silent for a long as time and now you just pop right back up?  Classy, Luciano.  Real fucking classy.  I need you to do a favor for me, not something I'm broadcasting here.  We can meet sometime and I'll give you the details.  Buckshot is completely unrelated to this, so don't worry about him.  I have something else to talk about with him."

*He pauses to take another drag.*

"...She's fine by the way.  I don't think you'd recognize her.  She's changed a lot, in a certain way.  She's not here though, I couldn't bring her along.  She's babysitting, and not an actual fucking baby either.  I'll leave it at that."

*The radio clicks off abruptly, whatever feedback and static that could be heard disappearing.*

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*Luciano hears Cids response and press's the PTT*

'you can't get rid of me that easy cid ...to fucking stubborn to die..'

'you know how I am cid , I like to be dust in the wind, ghost in the night , don't like drawing unwanted attention , got my own shit to deal with," (sarcastic tone) but you could of called or written a letter , you know how much I miss you charming voice and your ball and chain, 

'Any how let me know , when and where'


*he lets go of the PTT*


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