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Camp Endeavour is moving. [OPEN]

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*Endeavour can be seen carrying a bag filled with guns and he places it in passenger side of his truck, he starts to shout 'RIGHT EVERYONE LEAVING IN 10 MINUTES*

*Endeavour opens the door of his truck and pulls the radio from the glove box and presses the PTT*



To anyone who is listening, My name is Endeavour Western.


*Endeavour lets go of the PTT*

*looks out the window looking at his people packing the town up*


 *Endeavour presses the PTT*


I haven't been the radio for a while.

The amount of shit thats happen...  



*Endeavour looks over towards the drivers side and a girls voice can be heard and it said have to change your bandages'*

*Endeavour lays his left arm on the arm rest and the girl starts to change his bandages*



Some people came to camp about a week ago,

I had met some of these people at the Green Mountain Trading Co. when I worked there,

we spoke for few minutes then they say put your hands up and I look at them and you fucking what? they said again in a more of angry tone GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP.

I put my hands up, there was two people at the camp they also got  told to put their hands up, they were just people passing though, 





*The voice of a girls voice said were 'nearly done here'



After what felt like half an hour the man said 'RIGHT ALL OF YOU STOP HERE'

So we all stopped, and they took the other two men drop a road bit more and some of the people said 'Now we were told you were selling women as slaves' I looked at them puzzled i said back to them 'Why would i do that? there is women at the camp who work there, we don't sell them we got fucking kids there for fuck sake you really think I would'

  Someone from your camp said he saw it and said you done it,

So someone one is lying so fuck it were already here, and one of the men grab my hand and holds it and this fucking bitch.. this bitch, 



*The voice of a girls voice said were all done here I'll gather whats left*

*Endeavour looks at his arm and where the girl had put  bandages he looks at his hand used to be*


This bitch cut of my fucking hand off of some BULLSHIT THIS CUNT SAID..




 One of the men there bandaged it up and left me for dead, the other two men that was held up came back, they had cut off his hand off as well, but they didn't touch the other men for some reason, when I saw them I thought they were going to kill me right there and then, but they didn't they helped me get back to the camp, and now apart of what we have left.

 have no idea where the army is now, they all fucked off after that more or less. 




Few weeks before this shit happened I was on the radio to this girl, we start talking, was she safe, and did she have food, I told her about the camp and she decided to meet me not far from camp, she would be there in next few hours, So I pack few things bit of food, ammo and my gun, I left about after we spoke on the radio and I got the meeting point, I had been waiting for a for least two to three hours and I start walking down the road,




I saw this girl on the ground laying there, my first thought was to leave, but something stopped me, I had my gun out  and walked over and I kicked the girl, she looked she was knocked out, she had no gun or a bag. It looked someone had knocked out the poor girl and  had her shit taken. I looked at the girl and thought to myself  fuck it I pick up the girl and put her over my shoulder and walked backed to camp, I had the medic look her over and put her in my house where she good recover.




After that she grew close to me, I see her as my daughter, weird.




People came to camp and we built a family you could say.

The camp got attacked by some fucking arseholes, and some of us died, we buried our dead and burnt the rest.

We decided to leave this town and rebuild camp Endeavour somewhere else.

I was on the radio to these farmers on the coast, they said they would take us in.



*Endeavour looks over at the driver side door and a girl gets in,  voices can be heard from the radio West, dad. Yes Anna? Were already, are you, Yes, Lets go then*


*Endeavour lets go of the PTT*

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*Ryan slings the tent over his shoulder as the group continue down the road. He hears his radio from his pocket and listens into the broadcast halfheartedly, while still talking to Kibuka. When the broadcasts ends he gestures to Kibuka to go ahead slightly and takes the radio from his pocket, pushing down the PTT*

What did I tell you Endeavour, places like that just get the people close to you killed

Don't move the camp, give up, and focus on keeping your own safe

*he releases the PTT and slides the radio back into his pocket, continuing down the road*

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* Marshall smiles and picks up the radio, he holds down the PTT *

Welcome to the family son, I'm sure you'll make a nice impact on our little group here. Putting in hard work results in rewards after all.

* Static overtakes the frequency *

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*Wyatt is flicking through frequencies when he hears the response. Unfaded, Wyatt presses down the PTT button. He would sound young, maybe 16.*


"Sounds like a pattern, maybe you shouldn't build a giant camp inviting all people to join. Sorry to hear about your hand, that sucks. Hope it heals well."


*Wyatt releases the PTT button and lifts up his shirt, examining the scars on his stomach. "Healing nicely..."*

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*J listens in to the frequency, after a few minutes of thinking things over, he holds the PTT*

I'm sorry Western, we could've prevented that entire day with a few pulls of our triggers...

*After a few moments of silence, J sigh's*

The one time Louie doesn't feel the need to kill someone - people end up loosing limbs...

*Smiles, clinking of bullets can be heard*

You don't have to worry about some of those "someones", they came back for you a few days later, ended up finding us and being dragged out the camp as corpses. Though the top dogs that did this to ye are gone, heard they ran off somewhere - scared for their pitiful lives, I would probably do the same If I were 'em, but not from fear, instead from shame, getting cut down in the middle of Kabanino street like a dog and then getting spared out of pure pity. 

*J stops for a moment in realization*

Huh... If Jack had delivered the coup de grâce, you would've also had all your limbs Western... Funny how sparing lives does nothing but hurt you...

Anyways, the best of luck to you Western and your endeavor! Hope it'll turn out better this time.

*J releases the PTT and puts the radio on a shelf, leaves the room and slams the door behind him*

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*Reggie walks down the road along the coast while hearing the broadcast, pressing down on the PTT afterwards.*

"West? It's me, Reggie. We met Berezino. I told you I wanted to join your camp when you told me it went down? You should keep me posted on what you are up to and maybe I-... we might get lucky."

*He finally lets go of the PTT and draws his rifle out as he approaches a nearby town.*


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*Woods looks towards the hill they're passing as Kibuka rolls off the horse. Ryan and Vanessa start laughing while Woods is shaking his head, he pulls out the radio and holds the PTT down*

''Western I told you, guilty by association. We told you to change leadership of the camp or leave the place. You made a wise choice, sorry not sorry we can't bring your hand back, you deserved it.''

*He'd pause slightly*

''Oh and please don't call Vanessa a bitch again, you don't want to roll around with no hands now would you..''

*Before releasing the PTT you can hear Vanessa and Ryan dying from laughter , as Woods walks up to Kibuka helping him stand up, he'd scream some African chants at the horse before the transmission cuts off*

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*Baba hears the transmission from Western while say in a small house in Kabanino, he smiles and begins to pick up loose ammunition on the floor while digging for the radio in his pocket. He finds the radio and holds down the PTT* 

*A thick West African accent can be heard*

"Mista Western... I told you that I would come back if you did not stop the selling of women as slaves. De truth of de matter is, one of your followers threw you under the bus and I can't really be accountable for it..."


"Now look Western, I am a reasonable person... A reasonable African eh eh. I could make a deal with you but you have decided to run ya mouth about me and my people and I will not stand for it!"

*He take a breath while dropping the ammunition to the floor one bullet at a time*

"If you want to continue Western, go ahead. But remember, you are diggin yourself a hole everytime you open your mouth. Death does not wait for any man Mista so I suggest if you want to keep ya honor and not lose the other hand... Hold ya tongue!"

*Baba lets go of the PTT and the radio goes dead*

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* After Hearing Babajide speech and laughing at some parts when he was shouting because of his accent Steven decides to talk to the man because he remember him the man from the Camp around GM and by the sea, Steven Pushes the PTT Button with a shaky finger and starts to talk you hear in his voice that he is a bit scared but trys not to show it *   

He-He-Hello This is Dr.Stone and I just wanted to say that I don't take people because I want too Okay I am not a bad person and you can tell that by my V-V-Voice and when you see me around. I would normally say to my friends that this man is nice and not a bad man so don't hurt him and let him go but for this man it was different. You sell,Hurt and do urimagination things to poor women that just want to help and live in this world without someone Ta-Ta Taking them Hostage and selling them for god knows what!


You are a bad man and i know you are I will always follow my friends to my death but I will always say when they are doing something wrong and this time you were doing something wrong so I-I-I don't understand why you are trying to make us look like the bad one BECAUSE YOU ARE!  You-You Better fix up or.......

*Cuts off*  

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*Lucy stops in her tracks, hearing the muffled sounds of Western's voice coming from her bag. Anatoly and her lock eyes for a moment, before they take a seat on the forest floor and listen in on what he has to say. Once the radio goes silent, she pushes the PTT button and begins to speak*

Western, this is Lucy Wright and Anatoly Minkov. We've been listening to your transmissions for a while now, but this is the first time we have decided to contact you. We would like to keep in touch, you seem like a good man.

*With a heaving sigh, she releases the PTT button. Anatoly puts his arm around Lucy comfortingly. She presses down the PTT button again*

Also, we're really sorry to hear about your hand.

*She releases the PTT button once more, placing the radio back in her bag and continuing on the road*

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*Endeavour seen laying down on the backseats of a old rusty car, he hears voices coming from the radio, he picks it up and presses the PTT*

Mr.Ryan. I think you did tell me that once, but these people are my own, my own family.


Mr.Reggie we need to meet 


Is that a Mr.Woods I hear? I am guilty by association, yes I agree with you theirs no denying that, nothing will bring my hand out that's a fact i ain't gonna grow one back,

but no one,but no one deserves to lose their hands, i ain't no angle, I don't know you but do you deserve to lose your hand? 



I'll contact you on the private freq


Fuck off stone. 


Lucy.. Lucy are you two safe? I hope you two are, I have to come and get you two at some point, do you have a  private radio freq?

 *Endeavour lets off the PTT*

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