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To Ryan Robertson [private frequency]

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* While Nick was traveling some certain world from one of the members said  in the brotherhood crosses his mind. Immediately  Nick turns his VHF on the frequency Ryan gave to him and presses the PTT*

Ryan my brother i hope you are doing great whenever you are. Listen some time ago i joined the Brotherhood and i was running with some of the boys there, it turns out a good number of them where after you they didn't say to me the reason of their actions but i know their enemy was you, Romeo and the folks you are running with . I don't think they pose a threat to you, maybe they made their move against you , it was a long time ago just before the brotherhood was disbanded. So i really do not know if they made a move against you yet.
As about their names i do not remember any of them just that one of them had one of his fingers cut
However it may be try to take care of yourself eh.
And one last thing don't mention to anyone you learn this from me.

*Nick release the PTT and continues on his journey while he muter to himself  'Damn it Ryan! I hope you are allright' *

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*Ryan walks down the road with his rifle hanging beside him by the sling. He smiles as he watches Woods and Vanessa walking up front, and chuckles as Kibuka struggles to ride his new horse. His radio then goes off and he immediately recognises the voice, readjusting the tent on his back as he grabs the radio from his pocket. He looks on ahead for a few more seconds before pushing down the PTT*

Jesus fucking Christ Nick... good to hear you are still alive

*he gestures to the others to keep going ahead as he continues*

Yeah I know about the Brotherhood guys, I had no idea you were running with them... They hated my guts I know that much, Jack Barnes and all his nameless followers. I think the guy missing the finger was called Thomas?

*he sighs*

Anyway just so you know, I'm all good. I don't run with Romeo much anymore so I wouldn't expect to see me around him. And if he's running with the crew I think he used to run with, I would just avoid him if you see him on the street.

I'm gonna be up north for a while. A group of us are out looking for an old friend so unless its an emergency I won't be running back into the region. If you do run into any problems though, you know how to contact me

Stay safe, brother

*he releases the PTT and slides the radio back into his pocket. He then slings the tent back over his shoulder and continues on down the road, increasing his speed to a slight jog so he can catch up with the others*

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