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Harry we have to re-unite [private frequency]

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*While Nick was relaxing in an abandoned house, while he remembered his patriot Harry , he switched his VHF to Harry's private frequency and press the PTT*

Harry ... My old friend and patriot . A lot of time has passed since i have to see you from close. You came to my mind and all the good times we had, therefore i though i should try to contract you in the frequency you like to hang out. Listen man i hope you are  alive but a lot of shit is going on... Listen if you remember Ryan he is off to a dangerous path it seems like he has made a 180 decrees turn in the character he was. And i had some dealings with the clowns in order to survive ...

*Nick sight's*

Listen a lot of shit is going on and from the old crew you , me and Ryan are confirmed alive. If you receive my message please do reply to me and then lets try to meet in the same place as we always do.

*Nick releases the PTT while different thoughts cross his mind, the he proceeds to light a cigarette  *

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*With bloody hands grabs the radio and press the PTT*

Hey , i thought i will never hear of you again. I am good, for now. If i do not make it to our place in 24 hours , consider me dead. See you friend.

*release the PTT button, and stands up*

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* As nick hears the reply from Harry , he begins coughing as he tries to exhale the smoke from his Neck, after he stops coughing he presses the PTT*

Am i glad to hear you !

*Nick begins speaking in a very serious tone*

24 hours? Jesus Christ  my man . I don't know in what short of trouble you are in but trust me whatever the reason is we will deal with it . I have some strong allies and if the need arises i might call them for some help. But first let's meet each other.

*Nick releases the PTT and begins heading to the meeting place*

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