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Ruleplay > Roleplay


Keione    49

By the rules it states that  7.2 Players gain kill rights when a hostile action is taken against them or their group, or when their characters life is at risk. 

So if person A runs to help Person B over 500 meters away, they gain KOS rights as soon as someone shoots at Person B. However, 

  • 7.3 Kill rights are only shared between group members if the group members are within 500m of the situation taking place or have a direct line of sight.

So if person A isnt within 500m but runs over to help, Person B can shoot and when the opposing force returns fire, Person A automatically gains KOS rights without initiating.

Realistically we'd just gun each other down, but for RP sake, isn't it Ruleplay > Roleplay to run to a situation you werent in range for and just wait for someone to shoot at your friends and then boom you have KOS rights?

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Oliv    1538

You always take a risk when initiating or taking shots at some one as you do no know who they may have as a friend nearby.

There are specifics here that make this situation slightly cloudy. There would be many things we would need to know before we could deem that the rights would be shared, like were the rights obtained correctly to begin with being one example. As well, just because rights are obtained does not mean that rights need to be exercised, that as well could be seen as ruleplay if done incorrectly.

I know this might not directly answer your question, but there are simply just too many situational factors at play when it comes to obtaining KOS rights and shared KOS rights and the example given here does not answer enough of them.

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