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We Dippin [Open comms]

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*He would lean against a broken down shack , looking at Vanessa arguing with Kibuka about who's going to ride the horse. He pulls out a cigarette lighting it up. Taking a few drags as he unties his dark green armband, he pulls out a radio and presses down the PTT button*

''Well , I think some stuff just take priorities , found out where Matt is, going to look for him, taking Vanessa and Kibuka with me. He somehow found a horse don't ask how.. They're arguing who's going to ride it..''

*He'd take a few drags from the cigarette as he chuckles looking at the arguing two*

''As for Ryan , Joe , Marius and the rest of the boys.. Take care of each other , I'll try not to die out there , but I can't promise it all..''

*He place the cigarette in his mouth and unfold a map Iceman gave to him*

''Joe , Marius.. I know where the Unchained are , I'll check on them see how they're doing as well''

*He'd throw the cigarette away as he stands up and sighs slightly*

''If shit kicks off , holla at me you know what frequency I use..''

*He'd release the PTT button as he stretches slightly as he ties his mask back up , then goes screaming about at Kibuka for spilling all the water they saved , thinking it was alcohol*

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*Ryan is drinking from his canteen when he hears the broadcast from the radio on the table. He slams his drink down and grabs the radio, pushing down the PTT*

Are you fu-

*he releases the PTT and takes a deep breath, resting his forehead on the radio for a moment and sighing before pushing down the PTT again*

After all that's happened, you're still my brother...

If you need anything, and I mean anything, you contact me... and if shit starts hitting the fan wherever your going you let me know straight away

*he sighs*

Don't get yourself killed, you're one of the only brothers I got left

*he releases the PTT and drops the radio back on the table. He then places his head in his hands and leans on the table, sighing heavily*

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*Joe sighs, picks up the radio and looks at it, his face looking confused and worried, before flicking the butt of his cigar onto the floor and holding the PTT*

"Stay safe Woods, you make sure you don't die out there...

You know if your in trouble you can always radio me, you know i'd go to Russia and back for you brother"

*He would pause and stamp out the remaining embers of his cigar, letting out another deep sigh and resting his head into his free hand for a moment*

"I'm sure we'll hold our own down here, I spend most of my time up in my house anyway

As for the rest of the unchained, where? I suppose it's time I do some explaining about why i'm not a bunch of ashes spread around Stary"

*He releases the PTT and slides the radio into his pocket, slowly walking back into his house, while muttering to himself, he sits down at his table and leans backwards. He pauses for a moment before saying "You better not fucking die out there" Into the air*


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*He'd sling his backpack across his shoulder as he presses the PTT down*

''Ryan.. We're not that far away , if you pack your shit fast enough catch up with us we will wait for about three more hours . Remember the map I handed to you last time? I actually marked where we are fucking going, if you'd listen to me for once.''

*He'd release the PTT button*

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7 minutes ago, Cloudy said:


*Ryan's radio bursts to life once again on the table and he grabs it, listening in. He then reaches over and takes the folded map from his bag, laying it out on the table and putting his finger on the marked area. He'd smile slightly as he raises the radio to his mouth and pushes down the PTT*

You know, why the hell not

*he looks around the room*

I don't need to pack much; weapon, ammo, some food and drink I guess... I'll be there

*he releases the PTT and stands up, sliding the radio into his pocket. He then lifts his bag onto the table and begins packing for the trip*

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*Sat in Kabanino by a fire, Babajide hears the transmission from Woods through his radio, he grabs some sticks and throws them on the fire, he looks down, staring into the roaring flame thinking about the good times that have proceeded him. He takes out the radio, thinks of what to say for a second and them holds down the PTT*

*A thick West African accent can be heard*

"Wat?! Eh... Wat am I going to do? Why are you all leaving? How am I supposed to not lose ma sanity when all my friends are fooking off?"

*He takes a breath*

"Eh come on, please don't leave, I will have nobody..."

"If this is the last time we see each other, I wish you the best of luck, just know dat I love you all like bruddas, even though dere are some limitations dere, he he."


"I guess I am going to go and take ma anger out on something, goodbye Woods, Ryan..."

*Sniffing can be heard as he wipes away loose tears*


"Oh and de woman."

*The radio goes dead as Babajide lets go of the PTT and places it down beside him*

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*He'd throw some logs in a cabin they're staying waiting for Ryan to finally catch up, he picks his radio up as he holds the PTT down*

''Baba , we're going to come back , there's going to be five of us going up there after we catch up with Matt , we'll come down as long as you survive.''

*He'd pause as the fire cracks*

''Look for Joe and Marius , look for Stone. They're all family , contracts can wait , family comes first.''

*He'd pause*

''You're my third favorite African after Kibuka and Awimba , love you big guy.''

*He'd release the PTT button , checking over at Vanessa leaning against him , then glancing over at Kibuka snoring on a bench*

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1 minute ago, Solo said:


*Joe picks up the radio and replies to Baba*

"You're always welcome up at my place Baba, I'll tell you where i'm at on a more "Secure" frequency

If you ever need a place to get away to, this place is as good as any"

*He releases the PTT and slips the radio into his pocket, standing up from his chair and looking over to one of the broken portable generators he has lying in his front room*

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Just now, Cloudy said:


*He hears the radio come to life, grabs it from the floor and holds down the PTT*

"EH! No... I am de best one, no other can dethrone me he he... I am only joking."


"I swear to god though, say dat again and I rip your head off."

*Releases the PTT and begins to snicker to himself*

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*he sits listening to what woods are saying, he sighs before answering*

*presses the PTT*

"shit all my friends are gone some where out there and im not to sure what to do until youre all back"

*a few minutes passes as hes thinking on what to do*

"you know what fuck it, woods tell me what the destination is and il move out as fast as ive gathered my personal belongings. all of my closest friends goes up north so why not follow instead of being alone in this hellhole. meet up maybe with the old lads in Unchained might be a good change for a while"

*he pauses*

"dont wait for me, il manage to get myself over the border and to where youre headding. just gotta lock up my house as best as i can before i do something else. hopefully its still standing when im back. peace out. see you when the exactly location has been given"

*he releases the PTT and follows up with walking to his home to gather his belongings*

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