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*As Matt is sitting in a shack in the mountains he picks up his radio, he looks outside the window and sighs before holding down the PTT*

"Hey Austin, Kelsie, I'm just doing this to check up on you two. We've had no contact since the Horsemen fucked itself and I'm becoming slightly worried as I have not heard anything from you two."

*He rubs his hand down his face and speaks again*

"Just want to see if you two are okay... I miss you guys."

*He goes to release the PTT but then speaks again*

"Oh, by the way if you guys are still in Chernarus and find someone named Vanessa please don't hurt her. Again I miss you guys hope you're okay..."

*He releases the PTT and packs his stuff up and heads outside towards Russia*

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*Austin smirks leaning over Kelsie to grab his radio from the shelf and holds down the ptt smiling*

"Hey good to hear from you buddy. Sorry for the uhhh express exit, but ya know how splits like that work. Never know if your gonna get stabbed in the back and I gotta protect my girl. Good news at least, i'm coming back into the country  and joining up with some of the remnants of Reckers Renegades. Haven't been in contact with Jim but I know a few of the old boys are back at it and I want some of that action."

*A female voice can be heard laughing in the background*

"Oh Kelsie wants to say hello so Matt if you come around feel free to hangout with me and the boys, could always use a solid gunman and friend. See you round  buddy"

*Austin releases the ptt, handing the radio to Kelsie smiling as she takes it and holds down the ptt*

"Hey Matt.. I miss you. You're okay right"

 *She smiles a little, letting out a small sigh*

"I'm glad to hear you're still alive.. I haven't really been in contact with anyone lately besides Austin. Who's this Vanessa chick? "

*She pauses a moment to think her words before she speaks *

"She your new girlfriend or something?"

*She chuckles lightly Anyway*

"...If Austin and I see her we'll leave her be.. Or try to protect her if that's what you want Matt, anything for you little brother. "

*She smiles again as she releases the PTT, handing the radio back to Austin*


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*After hearing Austin's response Matt picks up his radio he holds down the PTT*

"So good to hear from you two again, glad your both still kicking"

*He smiles then continues to talk*

"Once I'm back from Russia I'll definitely look for you guys."

*He waits for Kelsie to respond then talks*

"I miss you too Kelsie, also this girl... I know this may be a suprise but she is my uhh sister..."

*He stands up and looks out the window*

"If you see her just make sure she is safe... I love you guys see you soon."

*He smiles as he releases the PTT and goes outside looking off into the mountains as he lights up a cigarette*

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*Raising an eyebrow after listening to Matt, Kelsie presses down the PTT, a hint of anger in her voice*

"Since when did you have a fucking sister?!"

*She pauses for a second, before speaking in a softer tone*

"I-I'm sorry I'm just a little surprised. You never thought to mention this to me? To Tyler or Charlie? If she means something to you, little brother, then she's my sister too. I'll do everything in my power to protect her if I find her, okay? Stay safe.. come back soon Matt."

*She releases the PTT, leaning her head back against the wall behind her*

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*As he is walking through the border of Chernarus and Russia, he hears Kelsie's response, he unclips his radio from his belt and holds down the PTT*

"Kelsie, I never really knew how to bring it up. And when my cousin told me she was in the country it came as a surprise to me as well. I only found out about two weeks ago."

*He'd pause for a second*

"Like she should be safe, but just in case she could not find Woods she'd need somewhere to go. I don't think she'd be able to handle herself on her own."

*He takes out a pack of cigarettes and sits on the front of a car*

"Just get back to me if you find her or hear about her."

*He lowers the radio from his mouth and releases the PTT, he then takes a lighter out of his pocket and lights the cigarette taking a long drag as he does so*

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*Hearing Matt's reply, she grabs her radio from the table and presses down the PTT*

"Wait your cousin? Okay nevermind, apparently I don't know about most of your family."

*She lets out a small laugh*

"Anyway, I can try to contact Woods if I can, see if he's run into her. If not, Austin and I will keep an eye out for her, or if we hear anything. Stay safe."

*Leaning against the table, she releases the PTT*

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*He as he is sitting down in a apartment he picks up his radio and holds down the PTT*

"Yeah.. I'm sorry I guess that I didn't tell you about my family, never really thought that it was important as I thought most of them were dead."

*He gets up and walks over to his bed and sits on it*

"Just, get back to me if you find anything out. Again I miss both of you guys."

*He places his radio on the bedside table and lays down*

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