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*Jessi looks at mason munching a can of beans by the fire, then turns on the radio*.

Alright its been a long time now i dont know if nana is alive but she is a strong self reliable woman and make the best apple pie, the best! so if anyone sees an old lady in her mid 80s with a green dress, tell her the bondarant brothers are looking for her.. her sons. and tell her we are waiting on the coast. thanks guys.

*turns off the radio, then throws it at mason for making a loud eating noise*.  

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Presses the PTT

Apple pie? Holy shit. My mother used to make apple pie every Sunday. Fuck. How the hell has an 80 year old survived this long? I'll keep my eyes peeled.

Releases the PTT

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*Mason picks up the radio and turns it on, then looks at jessie with narrowed eyes*

"i hope people can help us find nanna because i want to go home and i want nanna to teach jessie some respect for his brother"

*turns off radio and throws it over head*

"fetch jessie, ya pillock, i can be disrespectful as well y'know" 

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*As she is laying in bed with Woods she gets up and walks outside to have a cigarette, as she walks out she picks up her radio and starts to go through frequencies out of boredom, after awhile she finds this frequency, she listens for a little then holds down the PTT*

"Not being a dick but I doubt someone that old would be alive..."

*She sits on the porch and places a cigarette in her mouth, she lights it and takes a drag then speaks again*

"But if I manage to find her, I expect payment in apple pie."

*She laughs as she releases the PTT and finishes off her cigarette, she walks back inside and gets back into bed*

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