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Back from the semi-dead

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Wiktor, the (now recovered) aloholic helper of the wasteland is back. In what shape and form is to be decided soon.

Looking forward to the paranoid and scary lifestyle of being a survivor once again.

Journal entry:

"After waking up it was as if parts of my previous life had been erased...or blurred at least. I'm no longer sure who I am or what my purpose is, I only know two things; I'm going to survive and thank God there finally is some toilet paper in Chernarus."


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Guest Heinz

Wiktorrrr, welcome back!

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With some effort on my part hopefully that title will change soon. "Journalist" looks good, how does one go about acquiring such a fancy title? I'm gonna write a powerful article on the life of a survivor. Hmm perhaps someone out there wouldn't mind me following them around for a while and asking all sorts of journalistic questions. Good!

*Sharkfarts! Whitelist applications down. Guess I'll have to practice my can-collecting on public servers for the time being. The horror.

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