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Staff Feedback: Eagle

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Eagle    342

Here's where you post feedback on myself.


Link to the situation:(Use "N/A" if not appropriate.)
Any supporting evidence or notes: (Here you can post a screenshot, chat logs or anything else to help 
demonstrate your point,Use "N/A" if not appropriate".)
Feedback:(Here you post the main section of your feedback. Keep it respectful.)
Suggestions for improvement:(Use N/A if not appropriate. If bad feedback suggestions of improvement are required.)


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Link to the situation: Multiple situations explained below

Any supporting evidence or notes: Evidence will be added as needed below


Recently, I've been noticing some rather inconsistency and breach of staff protocols from you which apparently aren't being noticed or addressed.

First, you have recently been handing out points to people that you shouldn't touch to avoid any potential bias. The most recent, and relevant, example are the points you handed out to @Fox for her post here:

It's no secret that our two groups have been extensively fighting for the past few weeks to the point where it is extremely easy to call bias into question. Especially when you have been personally executed and killed enough to potentially blur your OOC decision making. This conflict has also bled OOC a few times, wanted or not, and has led to multiple situations where OOC discussions had to be had. I would like  to assume that you're honest and unbiased, but I simply can't. For that reason, staff members aren't usually allowed to be a part of warnings on opposing community members. You especially shouldn't be giving points to a community member that you called "bait" not even a day before.


Everybody involved in that situation knows that you're referring to Fox. Now, this also brings into question your level of professionalism. I don't know about everyone else, but I sure as hell couldn't go around and accuse community members of baiting on Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?  without getting in some shit when I was a GM. Not exactly sure what you were tying to accomplish with that post, but before you try to justify it with as "a joke between friends", that simply isn't true. A moderator, and one that is experienced as you, should know better and chill the hell out.

Probably wouldn't hurt if the admins looked into this. @Aiko @Alex @Jamie @Oliv @Terra @Rolle

Now, another thing. Regarding the points that you handed to Fox, a few points need to be addressed as well.


Obviously, you shouldn't even be handing these points out, but your justification for doing so is kinda bullshit and goes against standard staff procedure. Mostly revolving around this statement:


Staff always works on facts and concrete evidence. By throwing a "made it look like" in, you toss that bullshit right out the window. What are you trying to say there? Because it comes across as, "I don't know for sure, but here's some points anyhow." Also, the actual points being deserved at all can also be brought into question, but I'll leave that for the appeal.

Finally, if that post is point worthy, why wasn't the other post I reported today? I watched you look at the post and just bounce when you decided it was chill. 

I obviously don't want anyone to get points, but wasn't it exactly what you stated isn't allowed on radio chatter? Technically, that post added nothing to the thread and is even more "taunting" than Fox's. I personally think that whole set of radio chatter rules are pointless and limiting in the first place, but if we are going off of consistency, shouldn't that get points too? Just brings some serious questions of consistency/bias in your staff work along with everything stated above.

Suggestions for improvement: 

Pretty much everything above. Stay away from community members you could potentially be biased against or cunts like me will call you out for it. Also, be consistent?

EDIT: I can't actually believe you gave points to your own group mate too... WTF?

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Eagle    342

@Bruce if I missed something please send me a PM and I'll add it in.

I have no hate for her or anyone of your members because at the end of the day it's just a game and dying is a big part of it so no that's never something I bleed into my staff work ,She came running towards me wearing nothing but a shirt and jeans so yes for me it looked like baiting but not in a rule break way but in a follow me manner , it was not intended to call really anyone out like you ended up doing on that page as I was indeed tired and wanted to get off but I think you didn't really belive that.

Yes, I pointed Fox because she broke the radio rules was the message poorly written yes and I admitted to that on a status update from Darkside to get it out in the public eye.

The biased claim is completely false as a rule was broken and I handled the points as that's what my position requires of me, two posts I pointed there were Squillium's and Foxe's they both broke the radio rules and it was discussed among staff and then pointed, if the members that discussed the points were in the wrong then the points will be removed.

I agree on the radio rules being restrictive but that's not my department as I just enforce the rules that are set in place even tho it doesn't always go my way as the team discusses points before there handed out.

Thank you for your Feedback I will try improving on my work so things like this wont happen again.

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Hebee    2216

Link to the situation: in game activity

Any supporting evidence or notes: 0d30a1cd94db2cd2105aa6fb0acf2fbc.png

Feedback: This activity is fairly low for a person in position of power in this community, it should be expected that anyone who deals with and punishes in game / ooc rule breaks or drama within the community or has any influence on the staff team at all should have some form of activity in game. This assures that a quality standard for role play to staffs expectations is being kept by having your presence in game, and just keeps you in the general loop so you are aware with what is going on within the community beyond your staff walls.

Suggestions for improvement: Get in in game more

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Eagle    342


Once I feel a spark of interest to start playing the game I will, lack of enjoyment and interest contributes to the low playtime I  currently have on the game. don't get me wrong I like the game but I'm not gonna force myself to play something I don't enjoy.
I played it quite often with Akrasia and during that time I was even starting to get bored of the game, once a new patch comes out or a spark of interest I will indeed hope back ingame but as of now, battlegrounds Is the game I like.
Lack of knowledge of the game would never be a factor in a report as I know the ins and outs of how the game currently works, but other things that can only be gathered IC need indeed playtime but that will come in due time.
Thank you for the feedback :x

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Dusty    1034
Posted (edited)

Link to the situationhttp://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/83392-invalid-execution-s1-green-moutain/#comment-1534231

Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A 

Feedback: In the report linked above, the OP was accused of blackmail, and the people accusing him of it stated that they had video evidence. No video was ever posted on the report which leads me to believe that staff did not ask for or receive the video, and decided to write the verdict without the video. If the video was not provided to staff yet, then a staff member should have asked for the video from the people claiming to have it before proceeding with the verdict. 

If the video was in fact given to staff, it clearly did not happen on the report itself, which is a big no-no. As it states in the report posting rules:


Video evidence! Photo or video evidence is required to be provided as soon as possible. Videos are required to be unedited and posted publicly on the thread. Videos uploaded to YouTube must be set as not listed. Staff will not accept evidence via private messages.

So, either the team that handled the report wrote the verdict without collecting all evidence, or they accepted evidence through means that were not public, which as shown above, is not following procedure.


My second part of feedback is this: Again, the OP was accused of blackmail. He was accused of saying "If you don't give me my gear, I'm going to put up a report". The OP admitted to this rulebreak as well. However, because he apologized, he only received 10 warning points that last 2 months. Pretty much a nice, light slap on the wrist, all because he apologized once he realized he was in deep shit. I don't think that's right. Just because he apologized once he realized what he was doing was against the rules, that doesn't mean he shouldn't receive a full punishment or even a very slightly reduced punishment. He was just fine with the things he was saying before he was told it was a rulebreak. He shouldn't receive any leniency just because he tried to cover his tracks.

As can be seen in a very similar report linked here, the OP demanded that the person that killed him give him his SVD or else he would put up a report. The OP was then permabanned for the offense. If blackmail is an example of "actions that... is not something we ever want to see", then how does the punishment of 10 warning points for 2 months make any sense at all? Blackmail for the most part, especially in situations similar to the one in the report by Galaxy, has always been a permabannable offense. Blackmail is something that is never tolerated here, at least when it's aggressive or malicious. It's clear that in this case, the blackmail had very malicious intent. He only apologized when he was told that blackmail was against the rules. Based on that and everything else I've mentioned above, I don't think leniency makes sense in this situation.

I am not trying to get someone banned, I am only trying to make sure precedent is followed and that the staff team remains consistent in their rulings.

Suggestions for improvement: If video was not received, then my suggestion for improvement is for staff to more thoroughly look through all of the posts on the thread to make sure nothing is missed. It was very clearly stated that there was video evidence of the blackmail in second paragraph of this post

If video was received outside of the report, then I suggest staff focus on remaining alert on what is and what isn't against the report rules.

Regarding the leniency, I would suggest comparing it to other similar situations, like the report I linked in the second paragraph of my second feedback.

Edited by Dusty

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Eagle    342

We debated on what should be done to him 10-25 points were being questioned initially 5 but that was indeed wrong and would not suffice for the rule break that happened so the case was revamped and 10 points were placed on the OP now as for the video we got informed after the verdict was placed that there was, in fact, video evidence confirming the accusations that were brought on the OP and we are still waiting on that video, since it was never linked in the report or sent to an admin like was brought up when I spoke with Elmo even tho he had stated this in the report -All of my allies have been listed and I have no video evidence of the situation-   it was left as it was and the report continued.

I have tried fitting better into the role of a GM as it takes some time getting used to even tho time is not really an excuse but more the premise of being in that postion, a real wake up call was the case  that was brought up when a wrong verdict was given, I  was pinged on slack and told to look further into it, where I and other staff found out that there was indeed more to the case than what had been mentioned in the verdict leading to an RDM ban being dropped, I have from then tried working harder on cases and will indeed start digging more then just looking at the surface.

Thank you for the feedback.

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