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To the pagans (private freq)

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*Viktor holds down ptt and  starts talking in a squeeky voice so you wouldn't recognize   him and holds down ptt*

Hi euhm *static* I was wondering two things...*static* first of all! how much for some purple *he coughs and puts the voice backup* Second Have you seen a guy called william?

*he stops talking and thinks he starts again still talking in the squeeky voice* He's a retarded  Scotsman that didn't know when to shut up *start giggling in the voice*

*He releases ptt because he  couldn't hold up the voice anymore*

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*Joe picks up his radio and presses the  PTT*

Willy? oh hes dead.

*joe releases the PTT*

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*Anton pushes down the PTT button.*

I have to say when you first spoke on our frequency I knew it was love.  Purple, ammo or guns you can have it all. I am so happy that you didn't stop using this frequency.

*He chuckles:*

Let's meet up and grab a drink tomorrow, yes?

*Anton releases the PTT button.*

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*Viktor keep doing the squeeky voice*

I just needed to know the fate of william, thats it

i'll break my radio FOR ALL YOU to hear! so i don't have this frequentsie anymore i know how much people love there privacy

*you hear him set his boot on his radio*

see ya

*you hear the radio getting crunched*

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