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Guest Henry Carson

Good character background?

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Guest Henry Carson

Before this I was working part time for my uncle's construction company in my hometown, back in Canada, then my boss of the PMC I am in, Rebel Hawk, called me and said that there was a man that was supposedly a friend of mine looking for me saying he needed help in some place in the Czech Republic called Chernarus. So I against my better judgement I decided to go, seemed like an easy job; go over, help someone, come back home, it had a nice paycheck also and who would refuse. So I went over and found it was one of my fathers old army buddies from when he was a paratrooper. So we talked for a bit then he said he needed a ride out of here, doesn't matter if it is a boat, plane, or a bicycle. So a pilot from Rebel Hawk landed and was swarmed by those.... those things. The pilot was lost and I have only flew a bush plane. So we found a military base with them evacuating civilians, after explaining who I am and lying that Derek was needed back at Rebel Hawk command we got a ride out. However I saw a person nursing a bite on their arm. Remembering that that is how that pilot succumbed to his wounds and become a infected or whatever they are. I told him but he didn't hear me among the crowd so I got out of the plane and told the military personnel. They found her but there must have been another bitten individual, as 2 mins after I followed the plane in a UAZ I saw a parachute and looked through my binoculars and saw that old codger floating down. I tried to find him but it was becoming dark fast, so I made up camp and awoke to find the camp untouched but the UAZ gone, unfortunately I'm a heavy sleeper. Then I'm walking along the bush and then all I see is black, and I smelled the ocean air.

Now I am scavenging anything I can find to trade, use or kill with. I have heard of a trading post up north I might try to go find it.

Leave your thoughts below as I always like to improve upon and know more

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