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Guest ShipStreeT

a story of an IDF solider

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Guest ShipStreeT

Name: Orhay

Age: 35

Language: hebrew, english(with accent)

Occupation before Event: Ex-Solider in the IDF undercover unit

Post-Event skills: shooting skills and surviving.

Personality: friendly, loyal, fair.

Like: comfort, stability, safety.

Dislike: violence, liars.

Weapons of choice: tactics, tavor.


My name is Orhay I had a normal life before all this happened well we all had.... I have a wife a beautiful wife who I love, she always was worried when I was serving my country, the only difference between me and others is that I took part in all that is happening now, well before all that I was just a young teenager.

at the age of 19 I joined the IDF aka Israeli defence force, you know how it is here in Israel every one most serve in the army at least 3 years after finishing school.

I never got to live a normal teenager life.

I've served in the IDF for 15 years as a commander in the undercover unit.

After 15 years at the undercover unit I resigned and joined the biggest commercial entity, I was head of security in a top-secret department

call "the hive".

They started developing a virus that was meant to heal wounds and diseases.

They started doing experiments, and my wife took part in this experiment.

before we knew it an outbreak happened.... it killed every one,

trouble was they didn't stay dead.

The virus reanimate dead cells, in order for those dead cells to survive they need to consume living cells.

So once you got infected its matter of time before you start losing control of your body and start searching for any living cells you can find.

People started eating each other, and before we knew it they took over cities,towns,military bases and even schools.

Well those zombies wasnt the only treat that came up with this madness, the governments started losing control and people started making a sect they called "The Bandits".

Bandits started robbing every one and thing they could find on order to survive.

And there is another sect of people who couldn't handle with the change and started acting crazy.

those mens aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Those mens just want to watch the world burn.

So I've been send here to Chernarus to stop this madness at least part of it, but little that we knew, the virus already started spreading and there was already this sects.

All i got now is my wife.

Ive been told my wife survived this madness and some where here in Chernarus, huh..... what a coincidence

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Guest Muddy

First off, you may want to capitalize all the "i"'s. Second none of your sentences started with capitals. Some words were not in past tense when they should have such as "all of this happenED" "virus reanimateD". Also, misspellings such as "boddy". Besides that I feel like the story was a backbone. You may want to add some more meat, some detail. For example why did you join IDF?

Just my two cents


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Guest ShipStreeT

i fixed this issues thanks man any other unsolved quistions?

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