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Jack Barnes's Private Frequency [98.2]

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*Jack grunts and rolls over in his bed, trying to keep off his wounds from the firefight and presses down the PTT*

"This is Jack, if we have met before and you wasn't trying to fucking kill me you'll probably be able to hear this. If you need to contact me about anything you can do it here, I need to get some rest."

*Jack releases the PTT and places the radio on his bedside table*

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*J reaches for the radio and presses the PTT*

Crawled out of another slaughter, Jackieboi? Was pretty sure you were the lad to go head first down a cliff. Ooh well, maybe next time.

We're licking our wounds back at the quarry, tomorrow we'll be heading out to commandeer some poor cunts ammunition, hopefully someone we don't like. Maybe your stupid arse won't get shot this time. 

*J smirks*

I met some remnants of the trading company down south, maybe they're still hanging around there tomorrow, perhaps we could finish them off before they run to the lousy street magicians who try to scam you with cards, like most of em did.

*J releases the ptt and throws the radio to a corner*

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3 minutes ago, Stiflex said:


*Jack laughs at J's voice and presses down the PTT*

"Good to see you got out of there, hey I only got shot and fell down the hill because I was on my own with two of them and I took one of those pricks down. The trading company aren't worth it, they're all talk."

*Jack releases the PTT*

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*Rick presses down the PPT*

''Fuck, I need some milk!''

*Rick releases the PPT and trys to stop the bleeding from his stomach with some rags*

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