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Dear Chernarus - 159.2 Hz (Open Frequency)

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* A classical piano ballad can be heard playing softly. A man in his late thirties with a wicked smile sits comfortably in an antique chair at his desk. He rifles through some papers and taps his pen to the rhythm of the ivory keys. Taking a breath, he presses the PTT on his radio. A suave, American voice full of confidence can be heard.*

People of Chernarus! It’s time for me to reach out to you, me and my friends have been surviving in Chernarus ever since the outbreak. We have kept to ourselves for so long, living in a comfortable solitude, that now I believe it is time for us to make a change. Bring us all together, share our bounty of food and supplies and help those in need!

*He chuckles pleasantly, his voice deep and soothing. You hear him mutter something to the pianist and the music cuts short.*

I know many of you have suffered, many fights have happened, many deaths… I am deeply sorry for all your losses. You have my condolences. I, myself have lost family, friends and loved ones to the wretched infected. This disease that has plagued the lands has been a heavy burden to fight. Now, we need to come together to do this. We need to unite!

*He pauses, you can hear him light a cigar, another rustle of papers can be heard before he continues. His tone kind and trusting.*

Do not dismiss me if you can hear me. Please respond. I know that a meeting might be too frightening for some. You may be afraid to contact and speak with a complete stranger, afraid to trust someone for fear of guns and violence. I myself have been witness to some horrid situations, those that might keep a decent human being awake at night. I can promise you that communicating now will bring no harm to you.

Is there anyone out there that needs somewhere safe, that is looking for medical supplies, food? Anyone that is lost? This is just one man, one voice in the dark reaching out. Hoping that all is not lost, praying that he is not too late...

*Static can be heard as the transmission ends.*





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*A soft, friendly voice suddenly speaks out, his words calm and clear.*

Dobrý den my friends. This is Doctor Nemec speaking. I couldn't help but be intrigued by this invitation.

*Hushed, femine whispers can be heard in the backround, before the man speaks again.*

My wife Ivana and I will certainly be attending. To those who don't know me, I'll be both willing and eager to assist anyone who might need medical attention.

Do té doby, friends.

*The transmission cuts to static.*


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*Jaroslav is going through different radio frequencies when he comes across one with speech. He listens the message and then replies*

This is kaprál Pavlik of a small recon squad stationed in South Zagoria. 
*In the background, a lot of different combinations can be heard: Zulu-23, Bravo-41, Lima-5*
We have been carrying couple operations around the land of Chernarus and *static cracking* losses.
We have been scouting the following towns: Gor*Static cracks*, Guglovo an *static* Sobor.
We are going to send out a small team to check out this meeting of yours...
*Tango-5-*static*, Oscar-November-4, Kilo-Golf*
*a loud bang is heard when Jaroslav slams the transmitter*
Uhm, where was I... *Jaroslav goes through his notes*
Ah, yes. We are going to send out a small team to pay a visit...
They are not going alone, a small overwatch team is also deployed
We will be in touch, Pavlik out

*Transmission ends in a combination: Alpha-Tango-Echo*

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*A small soft voice, breathless and shocked responds.*

Doctor Nemec?... Is that really you?

*She laughs in a relieved disbelief. Her voice breaking as she speaks.*

It’s been so long! I was afraid the worst had happened… I never got to thank you for saving Sofie’s life. My daughter would be dead if it weren’t for you. I’m so happy to hear your voice!

*Tears roll down the woman’s cheeks, pure joy evident in her tone.*

I hope you are well Doctor. You’re wife- is she okay? The infected, bad people, thieves and gun men! They roam Chernarus, hurting and killing innocents all the time. I am terrified each and every day for my life… for my daughter’s life.

*A brief pause, as she gathers her thoughts. Taking a breath, she continues.*

Doctor... if you are going to meet with this man. I am sure to be there- it would be wonderful to see you again. Sofie would be so happy!
...To you. American? Where exactly are you? How can we be sure that we will be safe?...

*The transmission cuts off abruptly.*

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*The Doctor's voice can be heard once more, full of sincerity in every syllable.*

Ahoj Abigail!

It warms my heart to hear your sweet voice once again. I hope you and Sofie are safe, můj sladký.

*A sense of enthusiasm can be heard in the man's charming tone.*

Ivana is doing wonderful, and so is the child. We both look forward to seeing you once again, krásná dívka.

*The transmission suddenly ends, silent and calm.*


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*Upon hearing the fast responses the American smiles, listening to the exchange between the strangers voices.*

Ah! Kaprál Pavlic is it? A military man I presume? It’s wonderful that you are so interested in my suggested meeting! We need the protection and support of trained men like yourself. Having a team nearby on over-watch sounds promising. We will have people also watching over this gathering. Good friends of mine. It would be fantastic to speak personally with you. We could do business, talk supplies and work out any arrangements beneficial to us both.

*After a beat, he sighs dramatically. His tone saddening, almost mockingly.*

I fear that nowadays this is how things have to be, to make certain that people are safe and that no firefights break out. People aren’t very trusting are they? I’m sure you will bring things with you to trade? It would be much appreciated. Me and my friends will be donating a lot to those in dire situations... and by the sounds of it- Doctor Nomec?- Nemec is it? He will be attending to help those in need of medical care?

*He lightens his tone, a faint scratching of pen on paper can be heard before he speaks again.*

And sweet lady... Abigail? You know this man? This doctor? I’m happy to hear that you and your daughter are both alive and well. It will be safe at the meeting. There may be many monsters in the world, but there are also good people, people with morals and decency. Just like your doctor! I will personally guarantee your safety, we are prepared to protect those that come to meet with us. We know of the dangers and the risks. I believe that in this situation though,  the rewards far outweigh the risk - would you not agree?

*Static can be heard as the transmission ends.*

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-User was warned for this post-

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*Axel would hear the man's proposal and then respond after he finishes his meal*

"What makes you think that people will believe a place will be safe from some sweet talker like you? Why should me or anyone with me come to this "gathering"... it's a trap I know it."

*The transmission would end Axel would sit back and set his radio down, waiting for a response*

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*A little thrown by the abrupt foul language. The American, pushes down his PTT.*

Fuck what exactly? You sound like the kind of man that is simple enough. This meeting we are discussing here is not just on professional terms. There will be alcohol and music, a celebration of sorts. Maybe this spikes your interest a little more than a ‘Fuuuuuuk it’ …?

*He laughs whole-heartedly at the strange voice, before cutting off the transmission.*

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*Felix takes off his glasses and rubs his scar, he looks over to his radio hearing the transmission, he picks it up and presses PTT*

hmm, this sounds interesting, *he pauses* ...interesting enough, but sketchy nonetheless, can't trust too many assholes nowadays, people on the radio providing 'help', but of course they have a secret agenda

*Felix goes over to grabs his ak and chambering can be heard*

I'll give this a go and see what your on about got too much time on my hands all by myself, you have made a nice attempt to try to sympathize with others saying you went through the same struggles as everyone here, only meeting you will I be able to know the truth

*Felix lets go of the PTT and tends to his fire as it crackles*

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*The American listens intently to the other voices posing valid questions, before responding smoothly.*

Sir, you are right! People are unlikely to believe that this is safe! People have every right to be afraid! There are many bad, untrustworthy people these days. What I am proposing is for people who are interested in making alliances, friendships and business deals meet safely to talk face to face like adults. We have protection on standby, our numbers are more than enough. I’m honored that you believe I talk sweet. I can assure you that this is just the way I am. There is no hidden agenda here. I hope that you will find this opportunity to great to pass on.

*Static can be heard as the transmission ends.*

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*Jaroslav, sitting in his chair with a cigarette in his mouth, is still listening to the frequency when he hears an answer. He picks up the microphone and begins*


Ano, that is correct, I am a member of a recon squad led by *static*


I will promise you that there will be men from our squad...


but I will not guarantee that I will be there...


We are indeed interested in certain supplies and are willing to negotiate about those...


Our zdravotník are running low on medical supplies and we are in dire need of a certain ammunition.


We, in the other hand, are offering ammunition that is no use for us.


Of course, we offer some protection for the meeting. We are also looking for information regarding movement of the people in Chernarus, 

any unsettled arguments between people, anything about groups of people who are willing to make alliances during these... hard times


I am sure to bring this is up to the squad leader... for now, Pavlik out!

*Transmission ends in static*

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He would begin to rummage through his backpack; taking out his radio as he hears a strange transmission about providing safety for the lost.  He holds down the transmission button and whisper quietly into it.*

"Fools....the lot of you.  There's been enough death and despair across the country to last a decade; causing both the ebb and flow of life to cascade across the fabric of existence.  Your gathering is nothing more than a distraction from the inevitability of death; a ripple on the pond of destiny. Your works won't change anything.  If you truly do wish to make a difference: your answer would lay with the dead.

I won't be attending this Gathering as I will be experiencing reality in its truest form.

However for those that plan to go, they do say that a fool and their head can so easily be parted.  The only thing that matters is the internal struggle. of existence."


*The transmission would cut out shortly after.*

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*Nemec, eyes focused upon the soft features of his beloved Ivana, speaks once more.*

Ano, I'll be available to assist those in need. Injury or illness, it does not matter. I'm more than happy to help.

*He smiles to his wife, before cutting the transmission.*

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*Axel would hear the man's reply and think a moment before responding, looking at the radio. If you were there you could see the weary look on his face before pressing the PTT*

"I will see what this is about. I will talk with my group but the better question is where is this happening? What do you want with so many people?"

*He would sit back releasing the PTT and waiting for "sweet talkers" response*

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He moves his fingers through his hair and rubs his face before pressing the PTT, very tired.

Hmmm... Unite you say? I don't know about uniting, but I'm new to the area, and so far I have found it hard to ask people around without still being somewhat clueless. I'm looking for information mostly, as it's useful in the right situations, as well as a good barter tool, so i guess I'd be up to meet sometime, see how things are.


So how do we meet up? Where do i go? 


Oh, and besides that, you don't happen to have anyone who is fluent in the language do you? I don't know any of it, and so you can imagine it's pretty hard to get a good grip on where i have been and where i want to go, wherever that is.

Anyways, you seem like a nice lad, so as said, I'm up for further discussion.

Lets go of PTT.


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*Felix scoffs and picks up his radio pressing the PTT*

I'll be the judge of that, yeah but where is this going to be at I need a time a place you know?, I hope you don't say where it is on this frequency for everyone to hear it, if you really care about safety, anyways give me a little more to go on here

*Felix lets goes of the PTT still skeptical, he starts packing the necessary supplies for a firefight*

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Jimmy would smile at the radio conversations going on and throws his copy of The Price over to his bag before pulling out his radio, and pressing the PTT.

"It sounds like a lovely thing miss, though I feel you will be targeted by quite a few groups of people who would wish to see something as nice as this fall. Then there is also the possibility of this being a trap but to be fair I have been sat here reading the same book I think 10 times now so, might as well see what this is about." 

He places his radio away and quickly walks over to his bag packing his stuff for the trip.

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*Stitches would cock his head to the side leaning down hearing his radio on the end table being to crackle and voices sporadically breaking through, Frustrated hed snatch it up in his grime covered gloves and bang the already dinged up device and the voices would come through clearer, hed smile behind the mask and perk up pressesing the device up to his filter and pressing the PTT*

"Well this sounds quite like a party it does. Could be quite the damn fun to get out and about again, tired of only seein people searchin for trade an the sorts! Me and me ahhhhh. Whats a word? Erm Amigos I suppose would be quite ecstatic if we would be given the green light to attend ya little gatherin and the likes. Could be quite the adventure! We aint the biggest lil group but we can fight like lions if we are needed and all that. 'Opefully dont result in a shootin gallery and such, prefer it to be a kind lil gathering and such."

*Hed release the PTT and clip it to his vest and smirk behind his mask nodding the others in his travel party and shoulder his rifle preparing for the journey ahead of them*

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*Joseph Divone stumbles into the radio frequency while trying to get back to the GMTC radio.*

Eyy, this sounds pretty good, man. Been missin' a good time, 'specially since my main peeps kinda dissolved. I'll try n hoof my way up. Best o' luck with security n such!

*He flips to another channel where a bunch of people sound like they're rapid-fire speaking Spanish to each other.*

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*Logan listens with his radio in his hand, before pressing down on the button.*

"I... I don't know about this... Sounds good on paper, but it could come crashing down in the end..."

*He lets go of the button, clipping his radio back to his belt.*

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*Surprised at the now busy frequency and pleased that so many have shown intrigue to his proposal, the American inhales his fine cigar and tuts at their mistrust. He sighs and presses the PTT gently.*

Hold on! Hold up guys! I hear valid argument in each and every one of your statements and questions. I am not dismissing them. I am however extremely confident that you are all mature enough to understand there are rules and expectations here. Anyone that attends this meeting will be greeted by my guards. The area we will meet in will be surrounded by upstanding citizens and trained professionals. The safety of all that do attend will be our utmost priority!

*Running his fingers through his long black hair he shakes his head, eyes narrowed. Frowning at the obvious uncertainty in the many voices questioning him and his motives, he pauses briefly before continuing.*

If only a few people show for this meeting few is better than none. I want to bring us together! In times like these we are stronger against the infected and have a greater chance of survival if we share and trade our collected supplies. This is how friendships and alliances are formed is it not?

*He chuckles, his chair creaking as he leans back tapping his foot as he thinks. Is this what he really wanted? So many people full of hate and mistrust gathering to drink and converse in the middle of Chernarus? Unsettled, he sucks the air in through his teeth slowly. Then allowing a little sarcasm to drip into his voice he continues.*

Look. Judge my personality all you want, it’s hard to make a choice like this off only hearing a voice. Murderous madmen do sound so charming after all…

*Anger filters through into his tone at the audacity of it all.*

Regardless, I and my friends, and the others that have said they would be interested in attending; will be gathering. If other groups want to target us we will band together with the men I have on over watch, and fight back full force. We are fairly trained to handle these types of situations… It would be an insult for a man to offer safety, food, wine and alcohol, clothes, medical care and supplies and friendship- to then have those that he is trusting to meet with, attack and destroy it all?

*At the mention of books, he looks to his own personal library. Considering offering them up at the meeting for those who want to read.*

-We even have books, plenty of them to share! We are learned men in a country where there is nothing to do but survive. Maybe that book you read ten times already could be passed on? Maybe you could find a new book to read?

*He pauses, the sound of his breathing suddenly steady and calm.*

This is the start of something new. Something BIG. Things around Chernarus need to change, we are an intelligent species that up to now have all been belittled by this horrendous disease. The infected tearing families apart, causing men to go insane. I don’t want to hide away anymore and neither do my men. It is time for us to involve ourselves and offer what knowledge we have learned by merely watching as people succumbed to death and destruction around us.

*His voice is tired and barely audible now.*

We don’t want to be cowards. We are strong enough to stand tall and proud. We are smart enough to survive and help others to do the same. I would like to know, is this all a waste of time?

*He mutters again to the gentlemen playing the piano earlier and a quieter version of the ballad begins again. A cap off a bottle is popped and the slosh of a thick liquid being poured into a glass can be heard.*

Please, at least do not judge me for my voice. Bring whatever safety precaution you must… but do not show your face if you are looking for a fight. I fear for your safety if you do…

*The transmission cuts off abruptly.*

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*Nemec peers down at his boots, crunching against fallen leaves and discarded twigs, before speaking over the radio.*

No one can blame those of you who find this offer rather sketchy. But even so, you must ask yourselves if you are willing to take the chance.

If we do not find the time to try and come together, to bring some sense of civility back to this world, things will never get better.

*He lets go of the PTT button, a soft sigh escaping past his lips.*

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He raises an eyebrow at the person's response to everything and presses the PTT while he walks.

"This sounds like me and a friend's old company, Green Mountain Trading Company. Especially with the drinking part...I mean I did open the the Traveler's Respite and people seemed to love it. Though I will say even if you offer nothing but a safe place to go and practically give away the supplies people will still seek you out and attempt to destroy you. I mean look at what happened to us...Look if you do this all I want you to know is expect people you know and care for to die, and try and figure out if you will keep going even if they keep dieing."

He lets go of the PTT and places the radio back into his vest as he continues walking.

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*Felix rubs his temple and presses the PTT*

You talk of all these great things yes, ok we understand, but you have to understand some people aren't here for all that 'fun' I'm interested solely on business aspect of things I understand you try to make this as light-hearted as possible and sure that is inviting, but I'm not a child I don't need to have 'fun', again where is this meeting I'm anxious with all this talk

*Felix lets go of the PTT and resumes packing*

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