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Guest tunguskaeffect

hi questions about the roleplay

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Guest tunguskaeffect

Hi i am new here i was wondering about your application form yes i read 20% reject and it is currently closed but i want to know first off what makes the criteria to join second how many have been accepted and third is are you gonna increase more servers i hope for a reply thx Mr admin also am very interested to join but i need some info

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The critera to join can be found on the whitelist page (when it opens again). You need to be mature, be able to understand the rules, be able to use proper grammar, not be too young and last but not least: you need to roleplay!

Like you said, around 20% of all applications gets rejected. At the moment we have 8,097 members registered, but the actual amount of regular players is probably much lower. We now have 2 servers with 50 slots open. It's enough for now. When needed, another server will open.

Welcome to DayZRP!

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You have to have full knowledge of the rules when you apply. If there is any hint that you may not know the rules, we will most likely decline the application straight off. Be very detailed and specific, but do not just simply copy and paste the rules page.

Character background wise, you have to show us that you are willing to be apart of this community. You have to show that you care enough to join the community that you are willing to come up with an original and descriptively explained background story that you will use when you play the game. Something like this wouldn't cut it:

I'm an arms dealer from China. I got out of a plan in Chernarus when the zombie apocalypse happened...

We like to see people put a lot of depth, detail and thinking into their background stories, as it shows that they want to be apart of the community.

Finally, we look for good grammar/English in whitelist applications. We expect people to take time and effort to put into their application (this means going through and proof reading it before you submit it).

We are a bit more lenient about this with non native English speakers (Non US, UK, AU), but this doesn't mean we will let anybody through if they can't speak English properly. If your application was anything like your post, I most likely wouldn't have let you through (as it seems you have put no time and effort into it at all). It is a complete run-on sentence and is fairly hard to understand.

For a non English speaker, a few grammatical errors or misspellings are fine, but I do expect to see good grammar/spelling in these applications. Poor grammar and spelling just makes you look lazy and unwilling to properly take time to fill out the application.

Example of bad English:

yeh i wnt to join ur server, it loooks fun! :DDD

I'm really wantng to play on you'r server Im tired of loosing and when you get shot sometimes pie is okay sentences are runonns nd i Skype and guitar is fun to play a chord of cable extension

Good English (Brief):

I'm really looking forward to joining this server and playing with the community!

Just fill out the application seriously and you will most likely be accepted.

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