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Clayton Race

Hope (Open Comms)

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*Vladislav stops praying, wipes the tears from his eyes, and grabs his aging radio to broadcast his plea*

*The sound of a fire echoes through the soft static of the message*


To you poteryannyy, who would rob and kill on grounds hallowed by the goodness of the human spirit, must know that I have forgiven you. There is still hope, hope for a life free of fear and pain; hope for a life where we can live as brothers. You have chosen, a choice by your own hand, to spill blood of those who sought refuge in my church, and stole, with your own free will, the food, clothes, and medical equipment I use to help those in need. Know that your actions have caused me pain, but through that pain I have found hope. I hope that one day you will find yourself staggering, bleeding and scared; and I hope I am there to offer my hand, to aid you in your time of need: to show you there is hope. So to all those listening on this frequency, know this: The Church of Last Hope will always be there to help. Look for the yellow steeple the edge of Kabanino. Look for the light, and you will find peace. Иди с любовью в вашем сердце.



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*David is cleaning his bloodied boots in the stream when he hears this, he laughs to himself and pushes the PTT*

You stupid priest. You'd best know they opened fire on us *laughs*  'twas a foolish decision I may add, killed the lot of them without a single casualty. Later I heard from my friends the remaining friends of theirs actually tried for revenge, again foolish decision. Another perished in the encounter too *laughs*. To those cowardly bastards who ran away after that - fuck you. We are not done with you yet. You are a stupid old priest. *laughs* We will be back, not for you open hand though... Stay ... safe *David is laughing as he releases the PTT*

*He continues to clean his boots, they were almost done. He shook his head in disbelief and continued to laugh*

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2 hours ago, SirMadness said:


*Woods would tend his wound on his leg as he holds the radio in his hands and press the PTT button*

''Right , you little mongrel I ain't about to radio warrior my ass on the frequency , but looks like you haven't killed any of us and looks like you're the one who fucked up''

*He'd pause for a second*

''That was petty , keep and ear on the radio amigo''

*He'd release the PTT button and drop the radio on his bed*


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"Best to learn quick and the hard way that people are and always were out for themselves, priest. Nothing is "Hallowed ground" anymore, you don't expect police in police stations, nor firemen in firestation's, nor military in military bases anymore. Nothing is as it was, and its a whole god damn lot better this way."

Kurt finishes writing in his journal and closes the book shut

"The only law is guns and numbers,the only religion is prowess in combat, and the only purpose is to overcome. Learn it and live it. I know I have and will continue to."

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