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To My Fellow Stormfront (Private)

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*Rocco angrily kicks the gate door open leading to Serenity and shortly jogs over the handheld radio lying on the tree stump just by camp. He presses his fingers against the PTT*

"Guys, we just got fucking robbed again! Every-time we leave this place unguarded we always have some fucking assholes come by and take whatever they want!"

*Silence fills the radio as Rocco releases the button and slowly exhales out of frustration.*

"This needs to stop. Now. I get that we are here to help people...really, I do; but we need to start showing people that we mean business when it comes to trespassing. We have chainsaws...we need to use them....teach these assholes a lesson if they ever come back."

"Look, we'll talk about this when you get back to camp. I understand everyone might not be on board...and bring more ammo...they took the rest of it."

*Rocco pockets the radio and retrieves the SVD from his back. He slowly pulls the slide back ensuring that a round his loaded. Cautiously, he proceeds to head into the nearby forest, searching for the thieves.*

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*Bob sets down his rifle, growling softly as he depresses his PTT.*

As far as I'm concerned, this Triumvir right here casts the vote that if we catch any of these thieves, we break out that old chainsaw and they start losing appendages.  Starting with their left hand.

I should be back at camp this evening.  This walkabout I took, to quote the Aussies, has really done wonders to clear my head and focus me on the future.

*Bob shoulders his rifle, releases the PTT, and continues walking, pausing occasionally to check his bearings.*

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