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To anyone in range (Open)

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*Ryan leans back against wall of the small cottage he is using as his home*

*The fire gently crackles in the back ground as the moon casts a bright light through the window*

*Ryan grabs his heavily warn short range radio and presses the button down*

To who ever can hear this, my name is Ryan. I've lost my family, my purpose. 

*In the other hand Ryan thumbs the safety of his cold dirty 1911*

I... I need that purpose back, something to save me from myself. I am... was a mechanic, I'm resourceful and some would say sorta smart. I need to put my skills to use, I need to work my hands again. Let me help you... your group, let me be a mechanic again, anything, something. 

Contact me on this channel, you don't need to feed me or arm me, just let me be useful again, please.

*Ryan releases the button on his handset and lays it on the floor beside him*

*The fireplace snaps loudly and lets off a mellow inviting heat*

*Ryan lowers his head into his chest and stairs blankly at his pistol contemplating his need to exist*

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*Endeavour can be sitting outside his porch with a glass oh whiskey and rolled up cigarette and nodding at the people who walked pass his home and he hears the voice coming from radio. he decides to pick it up and presses the PTT*


Hello Mr Ryan.

My name is Endeavour Western, and I am building a my camp which is called Camp Endeavour in small town.


*Endeavour lets go of the PTT and nods at children as they run past playing with each other and when they go pass he presses the PTT*


There's a place for everyone here at Camp Endeavour.

Everyone has a purpose here, everyone does there share around the camp.


*Voice can be heard calling Mr. Western, Mr.Western, somebody is waiting to spe..* 

*Endeavour lets go of the PTT*


I used to fix up motorcycles back before this shit hit,



People get feed here, they get meds if needed they get looked after.

Maybe you would like to come see if your self?


*Endeavour lets go the PTT*

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*Still sitting by the fire, now eating a cold tin of tuna Ryan hears his hand held crackle to life*

*He drops his can in surprise to the sudden sound*

*Scrambling for his hand held he drops his tuna onto the floor, quickly he presses the button*

Hello, hello. Motorcycles you said? God it has been so long since I've even thought of one. I used to have Triumph Street Twin...

*Ryan smiles slightly just talking about it*

Listen, normally I would be leery of just agreeing to something like this... but at this point, what have I got to lose.... as the cliche goes. 

*Eyeballing the map on the floor in front of him, Ryan leans in to read the towns name*

I am near a town, Toplo... niki? Point me in the right direction from here and I will head out as soon as the sun comes up. I don't have much in the way of tools yet, but I can change that.

*Releasing the button his hand held, Ryan looks into the fire and smiles. He then quickly remembers his tuna mess and grabs it up off the floor and into his mouth*

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*Endeavour is stilling sitting on his chair he here a voice coming from the radio and he picks it up and presses the PTT*


*Endeavour starts to smile*


Motorcycles, they are my life, or were once a upon a time.

I had a 1965 Triumph TR6 back in day.. God, shit I do to get that bike back, now that a real mans bike.


*Endeavours starts to remember his club* 


I'm probably the last one left, I haven't  seen my brothers in years, alot of us died.

I formed the motorcycle club  The FireFlies Motorcycle club back in the eighties, but then shit the fan, 

I suppose it's the world we live in, but I can't forgive myself for deaths.

I haven't always  made the right decisions, I made some bad choices which some of us died. 

But I'm here now building this camp for the people, doing what I call good. 

So I can leave something be hide.


*Endeavour looks into the sky and mutters 'I'm sorry my brothers'


Head north. Camp Endeavour is in place called Kamenst.

I hope to see you soon Mr.Ryan 


*Endeavour lets go of the PTT*


Edited by Western

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**Thomas Holsom listens into this chance broadcast and muses speaking for some moments. Sighing and looking around himself for a few moments, to the fire and other things he brings the small radio to his face**

*Presses the transmission button*

"Hey there uh... Look I know this isn't exactly my place to speak or anything but uh... Well if you got a welding setup I would be glad to offer my skills if you need them. MIG, TIG, Oxy, or even just a ARC I would be glad to help. Need something to do besides running around anyways. I wouldn't be sticking around though... more for odd jobs. Call me on this frequency if you need me... The name is James if you need that... be hearing from you.. hopefully."

*Releases the transmission button*

**Thomas sighs while looking at the fire again. He liked the people he was with, that is for sure but sometimes you needed to get back to the basics. If he could help someone just every now and then just because he could then he would**

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*After Vera wakes up in Joe's green house, she hears the man's message. She gets up, puts her clothes back ona nd makes her way to the bar while thinking about if it would be a good idea for her to respond or not. After greeting a few Pagans she finally arrives at the bar and grabs some vodka. She would take a look around to see if anyone is in the bar with her and after not seeing anyone she grabs the radio and pushes the PTT button down.*

Hello Ryan. I might know some people who would love to have a mechanic around. 

*She thinks for a second.*

I mean as long as you... ehm... are white I guess...

*She lights a cigarette.*

Let me know if you want to meet me... don't really wanna tell you stuff on the radio...

*She flinches as the door gets pushed open and a yelling Gunnar charges towards the alcohol, Dallas can be heard saying "Alright, alright, alright bring me a beer.", before she releases the PTT button.* 


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*Endeavour is stilling sitting on his chair he here a voice coming from the radio and he picks it up and presses the PTT*


Like I said Camp Endeavour is open to all.

If you would like to come and work at camp Endeavour, come down.


*Endeavour lets go of the PTT*

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*Ryan rests his backpack down against a tree and sits down beside it*

*A cool evening breeze rustles the leaves and moves the long grass*

*Leaning against the tree Ryan reaches into his bag and pulls out his hand held*

*A quiet chirping is heard from crickets in the distance and the sun starts to settle behind the hills*

*Ryan rests his arm on his knee and thumbs the button on his hand held*

Endeavour, Ryan here. I am nearing Polesovo. It is starting to get dark and I want to stop but I am running low on food and water. Someone robbed my food supply while I was out on a supply run and all I have is what was in my bag at the time. I am going to push through the night to try and make it to your camp. Let your people know I might be approaching their gates in the night but I will try to make myself heard before you see me. Wish me luck.

*A loud gunshot is heard echoing through the valley to the West*

*Ryan turns his head towards the sound that is at least 1km away*

*Ryan depresses his hand held button and tosses it into his bag* 


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