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Vehm Radio 31.3 Hz (Open Freq)

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*Looking out over the glimmering water and distant trees Stitches would rest his rifle against a nearby post reclining in the old wooden chair fumbling around his pockets for his damaged radio pressing the PTT muffled words would be drowned out by static for the first half of the broadcast eventually a sigh would break through followed by a loud bang as Stitches would smack the radio in frustration, the static would cease and a relived breath could be heard as he began to speak*

"Ello Ello South Zagoria. Im offering a bit o Services I am! Free o charge and the likes. Im going back to how I worked back ways back, well in a ways I suppose. The local militias quite up and dissapated, Companies gone to shit. Bandits runnin amuck! Oh it does quite invoke a sense o nostalgia to the hell of this shithole when it all started. Nobody around to help eh? I mean we got the damned Island police but they dont seem keen on helpin and the sorts. Im simply askin that all you lil people who gots a bone to pick with bandits, dont go gettin yaselves killed and all that. Get names, locations, all that and the sorts, radio it on here. They will be marked. This aint no fuckin hitman service. I catch you sending me to do dirty work against some bloke who aint goin about fuckin with normal chaps then I will put a bounty on you. Ill be keepin a data base or log of some sorts I suppose on any bandits. Eh... If anybody wants to pitch in go for it just contact me. Im doin this either way and paths likely gonna end in me death. Might as well 'av a spot o fun with it eh?"

*Hed chuckle briefly and grab a wet rag, wiping down the newfound scope jury rigged for his vision, cleaning the lens and utter one final statement into the radio with cheer in his tone*

"Vehm Courts are in session."

*The radio would fade into static, strange piano music would be heard faintly behind the static fading in and out* 

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*Lyaria hears Stitches over the radio and listens in before responding.*

"I hope you are not stupid enough to do this..."

*She takes a deep breath while rubbing her brow. Then she simply lets her thumb slide off the PTT having no more words.*

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*Zack Hears the transmission and gets an idea*

*He thinks about what to say and how to go about things*

*He grabs a couple rags and raps his radio in it hopefully muffling his voice*

Hello man this is an unknown person that will be revealed if you bring me the person I want alive.


I guess I should tell you now, never really did this whole bounty hunter thing. Anyways the girls name is Darra she takes people hostage and kills people, I mean what else do you need.

*Zack unwraps the radio but forgets to release the PTT button*

Time to smoke me a joint



*Transmission ends*

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*Stitches would snicker into the radio pressing down on the PTT speaking softly into the microphone in a sardonic yet upbeat tone spinning in his new found swivel office chair, a nine millimeter round still lodged in the headrest, the blood stains around the leather the only remaining testament to its prior owner*

"Stupid? Ah, Strange... From the word ive been gettin about on me radio Im not in the same predicament as you...Boy troubles and the sorts. Do understand it I suppose. Thats what you appear to prioritize... That and revenge on just the one group that attacked us. Not stepping out all people like them. Just certain ones. Suppose you wish to live long after all. Youd be unwise to assume I figure Ill live at the end of this path love. Truth is im quite content knowing im going to live as long as me guns loaded and I have a quicker draw then the bandits. So far me kill counts been quite good. So Ill keep killin you keep on ahhh... Whatever it is you do now. Hope we do run into eachother for a chat. Long as you dont become what Im seeking to kill. Also to the bloke requesting the bounty. Aint a bounty, I dont need a blasted reward. Im here to kill bandits for meself. You lookin for a bounty hunter your radioing the wrong bloke eh? Ran into this Darra bloke once or twice. From what I seen just a gun nut and the likes. If she tortures and kills people because they fucked with her and you in a war with her or summin like that. None of me buisiness. She go about killin and robbin the lil blokes and manipulatin people. Then I go after her with me boys and girls. I dont bring you proof of kill or capture. I dont go to you for payment. You provide me information about bandits. I go out and I kill them for my own reasons. At the end o the day, they dead we aint."

*He sighs deeply smirking down at the now growing pile of his ammunition, observing the round itself and reminiscing on neopolitan icecream as he inspected the multi coloured rounds with delight and popped them inside his rifle, releasing the PTT after audibly loading the gun hoping for some sort of cinematic effect hoping one would appreciate the effort*

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*Bob sighs as he depresses the PTT.*

Stitches, it's Bob.  We...found you up in Serenity a few days back.

I'm hearing some things, my good sir.  I like you; you showed respect.  I'll do you that same favor.  Come back to Serenity, you tell me when you'll be there.  We'll have a chat. Safe passage promised.

*He releases the PTT.*

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*Moody, hearing something about bounty hunting decides to chime in*

"Oh holy shit, YOU are bounty hunter now? Wishing to kill those that harm others for the greater good? Well buddy, considering how poorly you did PROTECTING the INNOCENT when me and my boys held up the pub originally, I'm gonna have to warn the others that you are false hope and a waste of an investment."

"Yeah sure you might kill a few bandits here and there but honestly most of these "bandits" or "bad guys" are just a bunch of headless chickens running around trying to become famous. But me and you both know the people you want....you aint gonna get. So as a concerned survivor of the apocalypse, I suggest you cut your losses and move on, you are messing around with something you can't handle.

*Moody begins to smirk before continuing to talk*

"Oh another thing, I had that lady by the name of Ly or something from the old pub, on her knees praying to god in a church. Turns out she wanted to roll with the Gambino's or whatever they like to call themselves, but don't worry I didn't have to even touch her to get what I wanted. Anyways what I'm getting at is, if you go after someone I know during this crusade of your's, your gonna end up 6 feet deep in the dirt and all your dear friends will join you. Alas have a good day ole chap, was fun talking to ya."

*Moody laughing at this point releases the PTT*

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*Bob growls as he depresses the PTT.*


Shut your fucking cock-holster.  You're worthless, and you should suck-start a shotgun.

*He cackles maniacally.*

See you soon.  Your mother should have swallowed you.

*He laughs and releases the PTT, turning to Jackson.*

It seems we need to step up our plan, bro.

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*Moody screaming at the moon as the night swallows the land, picks up his radio and begins to speak*

"Hot damn an abortion joke that was clever, I think its only the 201st time someone has told me I shoulda been swallowed. But nonetheless nice effort, horrid execution."

"And I will probably find you before you find me, and for the love of fuck please make more of an effort when insulting me. I've heard a fucking Priest......A PRIEST FOR FUCK SAKE, say worse shit than that to me. Now be a good boy and go back to playing hero."

*Moody now more enthusiastic howls once more before releasing the PTT and turning to Eric*

Hey Eric, remember Luna Zoras? Get in contact with her, I got a job for her....

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*Woods holds the PTT down , as he throws the Pringles to the other end of the house*

''Do I hear Bounty Hunting? How about we have a meeting I have one for you.. I'm not disclosing this out out here..''

*He'd pause for a second as he pulls out a map and looks over at Ryan some mumbling can be heard*

''Right , let's see here... Umm... Severograd? In 3 days from now?''

*He'd release the PTT button and look over Ryan once more*

''In three days , grab your shit we're removing this so called ''competition''''

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*Hed sigh and snicker to himself light heartedly swiviling around in his chair rapidly before using the momentum to launch himself out up onto his feet giggling hed grab his rifle by the strap cycling the dial on the scope focusing on the distant pair of targets each holding a gun to a scavengers head pulling the trigger twice on each of the distant shapes, hed press his PTT on his radio*


*Hed smirk as the two bodies holding rifles crumpled down the ground without ever hearing the rounds that would kill them, hed keep his scope focused on the scavenger who began scrambling away frantically into a tree line, once losing visual hed unload the magazine popping the rounds into the rifle to replace what was lost, leaning back against the door to the balcony and speaking in a cheery tone into the radio*

"Well...To Reiterate for the third time, Aint a damned bounty hunter, I dont get paid, I dont bring proof of kill, I dont do your fuckin dirty work. Im not here to kill anyone and anyone. I am here to kill Bandits. Not people who you have issues with from conflicts and wars. I am here to kill people who rob and kill unprovoked and without reason more than fun or wanting your possessions. Onto the topic of the type of business I am involved in, the likes of which I do intend to kill like the members of his I have encountered. The Saviors. Lovely little lads they are make nice decorations they do from the trees, Got em dressed sharp in the rope ties and such!"

*Hed smirk as he withdrew his cleaver from his suit pocket turning it in his hands transfixing his gaze onto it smiling as he reminisced to the time he drove the blade through a saviors skull*

"Mistah Moody. My job was to protect the patrons of the bar and the bar itself, Was me service and me job. If I had started murdering all your dumbass boys I easily couldve supposin I had me UMP loaded in my bag which you dumbasses never checked for. If I shot everyone woulda died. You accomplished nothing...Well except the death of several of your boys, Yourself taking several bullets, me driving a fucking steel blade through your twat kids brain. You my fine fellow! You are the game I intend on hunting. Your friends are a bunch of fucking morons shaking about like children pissin em selves. You shouldve heard the three that came to me bloody begging for their lives. Real men o steel you got there. I dont associate with the company anymore, they were too friendly to shits and bandits such as yourself my fellow."

*Stitches would release the PTT opening the door into the loft sitting back down in his swivel chair swinging back and forth idoly and grabbed a small replica of a dagger with a rope tied mostly around the hilt a small noose dangling from it, the initials S.S.G.G Engraved on the blade. He would take a sharp stone and carve the initials J.M into the blade and place it on the table and once again press the PTT speaking into the device*

"So mister moody and associates. I hope you do understand what I say given the combined I.Q of you lot is likey in the single digits. For robbing o the innocent, harrassment of the general populace, theft, racketeering, kidnapping, murder, and because quite frankly I will be bumping up the average intelligence of the general populace by a large margin. You are marked for death by the court of the Vehm. We offer no punishment short of death. Speaking of which, To anyone of you who is actually a bounty hunter, unlike meself I wish for you to bring Moody to me. Dead or alive. If you take him alive, I wish for you to brand him for his crimes. Carve the word bandit into his forhead or take his right eye. Hell preferably both but I quite understand not everyone has the stomach for the sorts"

*Stitches would release the PTT and swivel in circles tossing the radio onto the table feeling himself getting dizzy he would eventually stop, standing himself up and grabbing his rifle steadying himself and moving back to the balcony, scanning the horizon for more marks*

Edited by Stitches

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*Moody begins to laugh as he hears the false claims being made over the radio*

*Moody pulls his radio out of his vest and begins to speak*

"Holy shit, you ain't gotta lie. You ain't ever shot me neither will you ever shoot me. And man you honestly think you woulda been able to pull that weapon out of your bag in time to even shoot one round off?"

"And for fuck sake man, you only killed one of us, a fellow by the name of Shawn Williams but don't worry his brother Danny helped slaughter that lil piece of shit camp down in Kamarovo."

*Moody releases the PTT momentarily to think of what to say next*

People...People never change, always trying to trample over others in order to gain some fame...But for what? Its the fuckin apocalypse, Why won't people understand we are trying to teach them a lesson....United we are stronger...divided we are weaker....and putting faith in people that can't even back up their talk with actions..

*Moody hits the PTT once more to give his final statement to the ludicrous of a man that has claimed to of killed some of the Saviors*

"You honestly baffle me, I've been dealing with true evil and corrupt lil shitheads that you claim I align with before this god damn shit started. I got more experience in one finger tip than you do in your whole body. That being said, I hope you got an army willing to back you because you are gonna need it if you come for me."

"I'm still waiting to see what your face looks like, but I'm guessing you wear that mask so people can't see how terrified you truly are."

*Moody now standing over the grave of a lost friend from long ago begins to weep, while doing so he releases the PTT*

Don't worry ole pal....You know I'll never go out without a bang....

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*Ivan picks up the radio, speaking in a low growl.*

"Komorovo was a fuckin' mistake from the get go. Backed up against the fuckin' sea with a big ass hill overlooking the whole damn compound? Shame the company went down with it, but glad that shit-hole pier went up in flames."

*Ivan swats at a nearby fly, irritated, before continuing, his voice more mellow now.*

"Moody, we spoke once on that hill over-lookin' the camp, one on one. Would have been a damn easy job to drag your ass back down there, but y'know, I was willin' to give you a chance, see what happened.

We spoke again at the Zelenogorsk military compound. You and two others had me pinned in a barracks, could've taken me anytime you wanted, but you didn't. Was damn sure you were going to, but you surprised the shit outta me when you didn't. So I gotta ask.... what's your angle? Because I'll be frank, in all the times we've met face to face, you haven't seemed as bad as you're made out to be.

Huh.... maybe it ain't all that important, but there isn't really all that much to do in this godforsaken shit-hole, so maybe one day I'll have the chance to get an answer."

*Ivan lowers the radio, deep in thought as he chows down on some cold beans.*

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*Stitches would chuckle running his right hand over his left forarm tracing his hand diagonally across the Xs branded into his flesh hed pick up the radio hearing the young man speak*

"More experience eh? Maybe in losing fights. I have shot several of your members. I have buried your slime excuses of men who cower like rats... let me ahhh how you chaps would say read my resume?"

*Stitches would clear his throat and smile with pride as he would twitch slightly and hold down the PTT and announce cheerful*

"Lets ignore the before hand side of what ive done. Prior to the outbreak as for one its a damned long list and two, Subhuman scum such as yourself who boast over the radio but cower before men in person like a subservient worm in the mud before a man, You do not deserve to hear of who I was before, just the one whos going to kill you. You are truly a wretched being. I will remove the mask when we meet. Youll see quite much why I wear it."

*Hed chuckle lightly and the sound of a filter being unscrewed would be heard, the sound of raspy breathing from the mask would cease and be replaced by a much quieter sound after a minute of this he would resume speaking, yet matter of factly and in a thick Czech accent*

"First. I was in Cell block 20 of What I believe is now referred to as Austellus? Something like that. Well I served with the father and that ol cheery fuckin brigade. I was with Todd in the beginning of the Masquerade. I was one of the blokes that wandered Chernarus blasting wretches like yours brains against the wall and soaking the earth in grey matter. You honestly would go up a solid ten IQ points if I put a forty five round through your skull. I have done many things in this country for the last three years alone. Let alone my eight years total here and my times before this wretched place. You talk so fucking big but do not back it up...Proč? You are such a wretch who lies and speaks these big words! Who claims to be scary. But i have heard you voice you sound like Malá holka... Very strange! I have never heard nor seen you before you held up a bar for no reason. Then I have only heard you big talk on radio only to hear next day someone shot you or stabbed you and you were too much of a sniveling cunt begging for mercy at the end of your rope. I need no army to kill a crying little boy and his disloyal band of cowards"

*He chuckles lowly and exhales out before grabbing a filter and screwing the cap back into the nozzle the raspy loud breathing slowly returning and after thirty seconds he would sigh and resume his chat in the cheery English accent with ecstatic joy*

"Well Well mista moody I do hope you finally learn shit talking me over the radio has no effect but make you seem more and more retarded when people actually meet you and see how much of a coward you truly are! Ahh you should of heard Danny!"

*Stitches would  snicker and mock a young childs voice and speak between fits of laughter*

"Oh mister Stitches! Please dont hurt me! Im not with moody please! No I wasnt lying please dont hurt me! No Please!"

*Stitches would chuckle and make a sound effect cartoonishly replicating the sound of a blade impacting flesh and bone and release the PTT*

Edited by Stitches

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*Moody now annoyed with the unintelligent creature blurting nonsense of things that never happened, decides to give one final response to the delusional man*

"I'm not talking shit over the radio, just correcting your false statements. You've never killed more than one of us, I understand you seek to be some great executioner of the land that wants everyone to yield to him because you think you are the hottest shit since NWA. And you are just blabbering about stuff that has no real meaning."

"And oh cry me a river, someone begged for their life, I guess that's really weird to some masked incompetent creature such as yourself."

"You are all talk buddy ole pal. You don't have what it takes to destroy me, you don't. But don't worry I like to watch people suffer, that being said you can expect some visits to your friends from me, and hopefully they put up a more satisfying show than Ly."

*After responding to incompetent loony bin over the radio, Moody turns his attention to the man named Ivan, A man he has had some admiration for some time now*

"Now Ivan, I think we both know somethings aren't adding up right now about me. Hell I question some of the things I do, but regardless you are somewhat right. I'm not completely evil, hell most of the people I meet think I'm a swell fellow granted I never give them my actual name but that's for safety. The main reason I even bother responding, is because you nut job of a friend is planning on going after my boys. Now I ain't worried about my boy' safety as much as I don't feel like having to hang a man from a tree."

*Moody starting to feel the infection from the cut on his arm begin to burn, he heads off to find a doctor to give some antibiotics for the infection*

*Moody puts the radio to his face once more trying to think of a good one liner before heading off into town*

"Stiches, I honestly would love to see the damn world from your point of view, but for some odd fuckin reason I don't think I'll be able to get my head that far up your ass."

*Moody now feeling more stupid than usual releases the PTT*

God dammit Moody you coulda said anything but that.....For fuck sake Semper fi do or die woulda sounded cooler but hey that's why you were in the infantry right?

Oh fuck you Eric, fucking pecker slapper ....

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*He snickers softly to himself grabbing the radio and pressing down on the PTT and turning over the cleaver in his hand still stained in grey matter and crimson dried up along the sides*

"Moody. Let me explain this to you. In terms simple and statistical. Righto?"

*Hed pause and exhale shaking his head smiling widely and laugh at the sheer incompetence of the young boy*

"Righto! For one. You are nothing more than a pest to anyone who has ever encountered you lot. I have shot several of you because I killed that fuck Danny, I killed several of you in firefights with fellow groups I have rolled with. I have sent people to murder your cowardly band of rats. I have witnessed you before me near naked begging for mercy like a sniveling cunt. You. Are. A. Coward. There is no debate."

*Hed chuckle for a fair amount of time before having a short coughing fit still chuckling between long strings of coughs eventually inhaling and composing himself*

"Two! You and your boys are quite honestly the least intimidating, least capable, least loyal, least intelligent band of bandits I have ever encountered, You shits talk big but know nothing, You know of Jamestown? Of Todd? Of The Father? No? These were things that people feared and avoided for safety. Things I was a part of. What are you part of? A bunch of morons who can hardly aim a firearm. Who scar themselves to appear 'Spooky' who run about spewing lies from their wretched tongues. Including you I have encountered five of your shitshow of a group who have literally begged for mercy and forgiveness from me and my compatriots."

*He would then chuckle and the sound of a blade impacting deep into a table as would splintered would be heard audibly and he would breath heavily giggling madly to himself breaking into another coughing fit*

"Three! I am no grand executioner, I am not searching for fame, nor honor or prestige or any of this. I look simply to kill people such as yourself for a multitude of reasons, I am not going to make your death or any of the men I kills end grandiose. It will be simple and effective. You will not go out with a bang, It will be short sweet and anti climatic. You are not the crescendo of my orchestra lad, you are simple another note which will be thrown into the overarching song. If you believe you and your boys will ever have impact on this country you are gravely mistaken. You are run of the mill slime, When you die I'm sure someone like you will sprout up. Good thing I got the ammo eh?"

*He would sigh rubbing his temples over the mask and snicker to himself softly and swivel around in his chair unamusedly growing tired of the pest he was conversing with*

"Four... You seem to believe yourself invulnerable? I alone challenged you to meet me in Zelenagorsk. You offered to arrive. You had three boys in the nearby forest. You had more boys with you. I alone armed with nothing but a sidearm ready to murder you all and what happened? You bitched out and ran off. You are a coward. You feel as if you can stand up to men like The Marshall. Like the locals. Like me. You and your entire group are too terrified to even in its combined strength face a single man? Pathetic. I do hope you realize you intimidate nobody. You strike no fear in anyone. You do nothing but personify a mosquito bite. You may continue to speak your lies and dramatizations, exaggerations. Do it while you can before I cut your tongue out."

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*After listening to both men say their pieces, he takes a moment to think over what was said, slowly turning the radio over in his hands as he does. After careful consideration he raises the radio and depresses the PTT.*

"I don't think Stitches really considers me a friend or anything. Business partners I s'pose, but we never really spoke much past a few words. I don't bear him any ill will or anything, he's never wronged me, never wronged the people I care for. But I don't think either of us would stick their neck out for the other, y'know. We all went our separate ways.

Now, the circle of people I give a crap about is small. And as far as I see it, you keep your shooting away from that circle, Moody, you're fine.

But.... and I expect you to be listening. What I told you on that hill, about what would happen if you come close to that circle with anything but good intentions.... I meant it. I'm far from the best of people, and I expect you to know that. But I will not kill without a reason. Do not.... give me.... that reason.

Listening to all of this.... reminds me of a quarrel I had with one man, over a year ago now. He and I hunted each other for the longest of times, every now and then one of us would get the better of the other. Difference is, we sorta had mutual respect for between us, despite what each of us had done.

Let me give you a piece of advice I learned a while ago. Never say too much. About what you're capable of, what you've done, what you plan on doing. Never make threats that you cannot 100% live up to, because if you screw up, and you die at that persons hand? That'd what you'll be remembered for: The big talker, that couldn't live up to it.

The thing that people remember most about you when you're gone, is usually what's written on the grave."

*Ivan releases the PTT, silently watching the fire in front of him.*

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