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Pink Panther

To Endeavour Western [Private frequency]

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*Joe presses the PTT after having a BBQ with the rest of the Pagans*

Endeavour mate! haven't spoken to ye in a while.
At least not since the whole camp ordeal.

*you hear a prospect call for Joe*

Hold on...

*as he yells with all his might when still holding the PTT*


*Joe releases the PTT for a split second*

Sorry you had to hear that. Anyways I was wondering about your new camp.

since we have a new clubhouse now and we are all set up I have some time on my hands.

When would be a good time to come along and ''talk'' about some buisness?

*Joe releases the PTT*


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*Endeavour is sitting outside on his porch mending his leather jacket he hears his name from the radio. He picks up his radio and presses the PTT*



Is that you?

Your still alive? 

*Endeavour is thinking how is this bastard still alive*

Yeah got new camp, Camp Endeavour.

Its building slowly but calmly.

You have to come up here for a pint I got pub up and running.

And we can have a talk.


*Endeavour lets go of the PTT* 

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*Joe has to atleast drink half a bottle of whiskey when he hears that name*

*presses the PTT*

Camp Endeavour? what a name.

I will definitely take you up on that pint. 

*he releases the PTT*

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*Endeavour picks up the radio again and presses the PTT*

Hope to see you here soon Mr. VP

*Endeavour lets go of the PTT*

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