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Aurora Sky


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:: Static could be heard followed by a loud unmistakable banging sound of someone slamming the handheld against a rock.::

    " Stupid thing work! ...... or I ......"

:: Another loud bang would be heard amidst the static followed by a high pitched screeching sound::

    " HELLO! is looking for Mr. FrankEnderFrank."

:: more static and rustling as if she was moving something would interrupt her words::

     " YES! if you knowing him I am needing talking to him... I'm on this thing, number says 824....."

:: The last thing you would hear a soft cussing in Russian followed by a giggle::  

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After a day or two, the frequency comes back to life. A raspy voice comes through the radio. he sounds tired.

There was a voice . . . A voice I haven't heard in a long time

He takes a deep breath and talks quietly into the radio again

Is that voice still there?

He lets go of the button waiting for a response



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:: static an be heard over the radio before it cleared and a woman's voice could be heard.::

                          " I has a voice yes, who is your voice?"

                            :: the line ended with a soft chuckle::

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A subtle smile forms on his face as he hears her voice 

. . . . . It's me . . It's Ender. . . 

He Takes a deep breath and continues talking

You sound older . . . More . . . Mature . . . Well, I guess we all are.

He lets go of the button in order for her to respond

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