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Nondescript transmission (Open Freq)

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                                                          *You hear a short buzzing before the man begins speaking, a man being coached to read something under duress*

There is only one thing that matters now and that is to keep going. Keep moving, keep breathing, keep fighting. Why do this, why not just give up? The burning in your chest is why. The silence being broken in your mind. The need to take it all back. The need for revenge! We want their blood on the ground, their bones broken, their fear turned against them. We aren’t the only ones who should be looking of their shoulders. How ‘bout we make them pay for once?

Will you stand up for once, dust the dried blood and dirt off of yourself and defend yourselves and those you love? Will you stand together, bound by vengeance and hatred under a single banner. A black banner. The Black Flag.

The world is a changed place, ruled by wicked and powerful men. Dangerous men with armies of loyal lapdogs who beat you down and take whats rightfully yours. You deserve more, we all deserve more. We deserve to live how we want and to live free. There is no one to protect us. There is only us now. Stand with me and take back what is yours. Throughout our short time as a society, in times of distress and hunger we have risen the Black. What better time to cast off the shackles of society and make something for yourself? If you want something in this new world, you have to take it. Yours has already been taken, your souls, determination, or will the fight. Take it back, support the Black. You will hear from us again.


                                                                      "Is that okay?", the voice asks. A single word replies from a second, more discernible voice " Yeah"



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