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Hiring Actors and Entertainers [Open Freq]

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*David looks briefly at Ralph, who nods, before pushing down the PTT*

Hello South Zagoria! My name is David not that it matters who I am. We are starting up a companionship of travellers earning our keep through entertaining surivivors in bleak times of the apocalypse which seems forever prolonged. Anyone who wishes to join this friendship and family of entertainers let me know, I'll be on this frequency for the majority of the day so no need to rush. *David pauses and glances over at Lucas who continues to sleep even into the afternoon. He mutters to himself which can be heard over the radio:* Lazy bastard... Sorry... *Realizing the PTT button was still held down, he flushes even though only his dear friend Ralph would laugh. He continues.* Yes uh, just let me know. Thanks, and yeah urh thats it. Out. 

*He releases the PTT. Shut up he says to Ralph who is still laughing. Although he was embarressed, David could not help but think that at least he had made somone happier today.*

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*David pushes the PTT again* 

Completely forgot. We need props. We need 2 swords, white formal clothing and brown plebian clothing. Anyone have any of this shit? Let me know, cheers.

*David releases the PTT and nods in satisfaction.*

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