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To Frank Eugine [Private Frequency]

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*sits in a deer stand east of Lopatino, enters Franks private frequency and pushes the button on his radio*

"Frank can you hear me? It's Robert. How are you doing? Quick update about my whereabouts. I found the traders just a day or two before they burned down their place. You might be happy to hear that I've found an SKS rifle with some bullets. Now I can practise shooting with it. Oh did you hear about that Camp Endeavour? I'm contemplating to give it a look. On the map, that I found the other day, it looks like a good walk from Lopatino."

*puts the radio down for a moment and looks through his binoculars, but the movement he noticed was just another walking infected, he pushes the transmit button again*

"Anyhow, I think I remember you told me about some other German friends you have, or know, or something like it? I was wondering if you'd be able to introduce me to a few of your friends. Thus far I've really only run into those undead infected or people near the traders place. Perhaps if I get to know a few people my chances of survival would improve."

*stops sending, and waits for a reply while scanning the treeline and fields*

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*Frank hears the transmission and holds down the PTT*

"Hm. Dont know about that rob, they have some history which somebody of your... caliber... might not be able to deal with.. no offense n all, like fuck im fucked up and all and i can barely deal with it"

*Frank releases the PTT*

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*pushed the button*

"Some history with somebody of my caliber? That does sound interesting. I wonder if you refer to my former job or to where I am from. Anyhow, I value your opinion, therefore no offense taken. As I said, I'm gonna travel the land a bit. Checking out those settlement radio calls that went around the last yew hours and days. With any luck, I'll be running into some decent people."

*stops sending, and climbs down the deer stand, a quick look on his compass tells him the direction he needs to travel next*

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