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Guest jparratt

Second background story

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Guest jparratt

Character Description

Name: Michael McCrea

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Hair colour: Brown

Eye colour: Brown

Height: 6'2

Character Background

I was brought up in a rough neighbourhood, my parents done as much as they could to make sure i wouldn't wander down the wrong path in life but it was inevitably. With all the bad influence i had at school from other pupils it was only a matter of time before my life took a turn for the worse. It all began one day after school, some people i've never met or even seen asked me to "hang out" round their friends house, i accepted because in all honestly i was scared to say no. They offered me what i thought at the time was a cigarette, turns out it was a spliff, i enjoyed it, it made me feel good (for a change).

Now comes the worst part of this story, after the marijuana i got caught up in all types of different drugs. Me and my so called "friends" stole anything worth money and fought people for their money just so we could get our next fix, after a while we all became empty shells of our former selves, we only ever went outside to get drugs or to get money for the drugs. There was one week where we hadn't had our fix, we were desperate, we all went out to find someone worth robbing.

Eventually we see this guy with his wife, i was told to go and get all their money and anything that was worth any money. I did as they asked, this guy was resisting so i had to hit him a few times to make him back down and hand over the stuff, he fell to the ground and all i heard was a loud crack on the side of the pavement. I ran, i ran as far as i could for as long as i could, i eventually found out through a newspaper that the guy was in a coma and the doctors said that he was never oging to wake up.

I then saw the worst thing imagineable, his wife was pregnant (1 month), i could't believe what i had done, a child had to grow up without her father. I eventually turned myself in because i couldn't handle the guilt, i was sent to 7 years in prison, it was horrible, i thought about suicide in that place countless time but i knew i had to psh through, i needed to pay for what i had done.

7 years pass

I'm a free man, i knew what i had to do, i tracked down the woman and child to try and apologise. I found them, i was so nervous, i had no idea what they were going to do or say to me. I tried my hardest to apologise to the woman for what i had down all those years ago but she wasn't having any of it, she slammed the door in my face. I felt so worthless i couldn't even apologise correctly, i had to leave this whole place and start a new life, a good life, a respectful life.

I traveled across europe meeting nice people and seeing nice places, i made my way through all these countries and then i see it, a beautiful place called Chernarus, reminded me of home. I decided to spend a few months here, do some work and meet people, after a couple months here it happened, this bloody outbreak of zombies. I knew i couldn't leave, there was no where to go, it's happening everywhere, why trade one hellohole for another?, atleast i knew my way around Chernarus. So i stayed and tried to help people in any way i could, but i eventually found out that it wasn't enough, i also needed to help myself.

The only way to help myself through this whole mess was to go back to my roots, i have to rob people for supplies and simply put, Survive.

I put more effort into this background story, what do you guys think?

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