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To the pagans (private)

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William is thinking about his past and holds ptt

This to my fellow pagans i have something to confess

He mutters here goes nothing

I used to be a regulator or as you might know a cop 

He sighs

But i deserted them and i think they want me dead now so thats why i have chosen the life of a criminal please can we just talk about it i just didnt want to keep such a secret from you's in case it came up in the future and bit me in the ass

He releases ptt

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*Dallas, with one of Charles' joints in one hand and his radio in the other, sighs with frustration. The PTT is pressed.*

I sure hope the rest'uv'us don' get shit for your stupid fuckin' ass again. If I'm lucky they'll just shoot you and be done with it, I ain't in the mood for some interrogation...

*He pauses for a second.*

Especially not the sergeants' interrogation. If I know them well enough yet, I'd say they don' take kindly to sea cops... You should probably kill yourself.

*He releases the PTT and enjoys some more heaven.*

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*Anton listens to the dead man and starts laughing. After a few minutes he calms down and grabs his radio. He pushes down the PTT button and begins to talk.*

It's ok, Will.

*He releases the PTT button and starts laughing again before continueing.*

I mean it would be very awkward if the Pagans would hate Cops and Regs. To be honest it would be even worse if the VP would have been in prison for a while. Just imagine there would be a patch in this club just for copkillers... damn that would be ironic...

*He pauses.*

It is good that you tell us now, don't worry nothing will happen. You will not get hung from a tree and gutted at all.

Have a great night.... no have the greatest of nights.

See ya tomorrow.

*Anton release the PTT button and goes back to bed.*

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William holds ptt worried

I was only a cadet and i left after a week i never arrested or killed anyone with them i promise

He releases ptt and starts smoking his joint to calm down

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*viktor starts laughing at there responses and holds down ptt*

o my god *he takes a breather* these guys think you where a good guy *he laughs harder* YOU ARE A FUCKING CRIMINAL BROTHER you where then and now!

You where even trying to kill the warden. Yes you guys hear that HE WAS PLANNING TO KILL THE FUCKING WARDEN. We where the brothers of glasslow we don't work with or for the coppers we kill them thats it. and somtimes to kill the system you have to become part of their system

*Viktor releases ptt*

*Viktor holds down ptt again*

also want to add we both had to desert because they catched on

*Releases ptt*

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*Anton hears the answer and grabs the radio again, he lights a cigarette and then pushes the PTT button down.*

Who the fuck are you you fucking cunt? What are you doing on our fucking frequency? You gonna get your ass of the radio before you hurt yourself...

*He sighs.*

I guess you, Will, are the retard who gave this cunt our frequency.... fucking idiot....

*He pauses.*

And I promise you won't die a horrible death tomorrow.

*Anton releases the PTT button.*

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*Damien is intoxicated at the Clubhouse hears the transmission, throws a beer bottle at Dallas in anger, but quickly calms down as he realizes he must play the next course of action smartly without suspicion*

Wait, wait wait.... You were a pig? Well jesus fuckin' christ. You said nothin' about this before, why all of a sudden now? Think we'd find out?

*Damien is attempting his best to resist his anger, and terribly fails*

YOU CHOOSE THIS FUCKIN' LIFE 'CAUSE YOU WANT AND CRAVE IT! Not because you had no where else to turn to!

*Damien flips a desk and a couch over in complete anger, and throws a teddy bear at Otus. He quickly calms down to avoid suspicion.*

Listen, listen... If you don't wanna be dead,  we need to talk about this. If you run, we'll find you and experience the most painful fucking death Anton can think of. You don't want that.... We'll talk at the Clubhouse at dawn the next day. If you ain't there, you know what happens next...

*Damien ends the transmission, mumbles "Jimmy D" and searches for Anton*

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William hears threats and shrugs holding ptt

I will be there dont worry

He releases ptt

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*Anton hearing Damien saying "Jimmy D" from downstairs and starts yelling in anger and throwing a bottle at a wall. He grabs the radio again and pushes the PTT button down.*

Prez is right we got a fuckin Jimmy D.

*He pauses.*

It was all a fucking scam...

*The transmission cuts out as Anton throws the radio across the room.*

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*Joe steps out of bed after hearing all of the transmissions*

*he yells with all his might*


*he throws his radio so hard it hits one of the prospects and breaks*


*presses the PTT*

Listen here you scottish piece of wank. I trusted you, gave you Purple,  handed you YOUR GOD DAMN SHIT BACK WHEN YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN PUNISHED WITH FISTS.

*he calms down a bit after a prospect gives him some beer*

You better show up tomorrow otherwise losing your precious M4 isn't the only thing you got to worry about.

*he releases the PTT*


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William listens to all the hostility and threats and sighs holding ptt

Yes like  said i will be at the clubhouse later tonight and as i said i was only in them so i could kill them 

He starts rolling a joint and throws the purple onto the table 

Please just dont react to this thinking i was one of them i wasn't i never even arrested anyone only done their training for a couple days.

William releases ptt and finishes rolling joint and lights it


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