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Camp Endeavour is now Hiring [OPEN]

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*Endeavour can be seen sitting on a chair holding a chalkboard in his left hand and in his right hand he starts to writes with a half broken white chalk*

*it reads*

Copy of Chalkboard Sign (4).jpg


*Endeavour leans back on the wooden chair he repaired and grabs his radio off the table

he presses the PTT*


For those who do not know me, my name is Endeavour Western.

As I said in my last radio broadcast I used to be the farmer over at Green Mountain Trading Co before it sadly closed it doors.

I went on a hunting trip with few of my friends that worked at Green Mountain Trading Co, but lost contact with them.

We went though this town on the way, I headed back to the town we went though hoping they would come back this way.

I haven't seen or heard anything over the radio. 

So i decided to build and repair this town and I've called it Camp Endeavour.


*Endeavour lets go of the PTT*




*Endeavour pulls out a packet of rolling tobacco, packet of pagers and lighter from his jacket pocket and starts to roll a cigarette and then he lights it*


*Endeavour presses the PTT*


I was on a roof a wooden house today repairing the roof that had large hole in it and I heard a american accent shouting 'HELLO' 'HELLO' so I looked around trying to find the person who shouted at me. 

He was standing on the road looking at me and shout back 'you alright?' 

*I notice the man didn't have rifle of some sort*

The man shouted back 'Yeah i suppose so just like anyone would be'

I shouted back to the man 'What you carrying?'

the man shouted back 'just a glock but i aint got no bullets'

I shouted back 'Well I got magnum with bullets so don't try nothing'

So I got down from the roof of the house and starting talking to the man 

he seems like pretty good guy, his name was Alfred.


*Endeavour lets go of the PTT*


*Endeavour takes a drag from the cigarette*


 *Endeavour presses the PTT*


So I spoke to Alfred a bit more, he told me about himself, how he ended up here. 

I ask what this place was called because I couldn't read what it said on the sign

He told me what was this place was called.

Alfred asked what was I doing here. So I explained what I was building. 

after a while we agreed to work together and he outside cutting wood.


*Endeavour lets go of the PTT*  


*Endeavour takes a drag from the cigarette*


 *Endeavour presses the PTT*


Camp Endeavour is open to all.

There is a lot of work needed to build this camp, and two men can't look after a whole town.

I started writing down some vacancies that are needed to be filled. 

We need all different sorts of people with different skills.


*Endeavour lets go of the PTT*  


*Endeavour takes a drag from the cigarette*


 *Endeavour presses the PTT*


Camp Endeavour is in a place called Kamenst.


Our radio freq is 38.7


Please contact me on the radio if you are interested in building Camp Endeavour.


*Endeavour lets go of the PTT* 



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*Reggie rummages through his bag to find his radio so he may hear the radio message more clearly. He holds the radio in two shaking hands , pressing the PTT as his words start off with a hacking cough.*

"Hello? Is this Camp Endeavour? I've been looking for this place for a while... Kamenst did you say? Are you sure it's not.. ah, damn what is it called... Kamensk?"

*His heavy breathing is cut short as he lets go of the PTT.*



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*Ryan lies back on his bed, looking down at the bandages wrapped around his scarred torso. He sighs and reaches for his radio, browsing the various frequencies until he hears this one. He would smirk slightly as he brings the radio to his mouth and pushes down the PTT*

Well, the locations out now

*he groans as he sits up slowly on his bed*

Endeavour... Broadcasting the location of your camp will not bring you people that want to help, it will do precisely the opposite. Give it a day and mercenaries will show up, charging extremely high prices for piss poor security. After a few more days attacks will become frequent, when you catch one of the people you let into your camp with open arms ransacking your ammunition. Repelling these attacks will be impossible, you are in a stationary position after all while your enemy has the ability to move when needed. After... lets say a week, you will be broadcasting on this same frequency informing the people that Camp Endeavour is no more

*he reaches across his bed and takes the canteen of water from the side*

Or you'll catch a bullet between the eyes during the shit show which is about to be your life

Good luck

*he releases the PTT and sighs heavily, taking a swig of his water. He then places the canteen back on the side and continues browsing the frequencies*

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*Erik scroll through all frequencies until he surprised he hears an old friend that's talking and waits until there is silence from everyone and then pushes the button*

Okey old friend, it's very nice to hear that and I feel that I must try to get there sometime so we take that glass of whisky we talked about before.
By the way, I'm very close to your location but are busy with other things right now so it may take some time until I can get to your Camp.
In any case, stay safe and have that bottle of whisky ready for me!

*Erik releases the button*

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*sykar was nearing the end wrapping the splint on his leg. Staring out of the window into the open field, He grabs his radio and holds the PTT*

This is good to hear mate, perhaps I can offer some assistance.  I'm currently a few towns over holed up in a house resting off this injury. I chipped my leg  while running from a small horde earlier... nothing too bad but needed some attention.  I Heard you got some whisky.. well reserve a glass for me. Once I'm feeling more stable I'll make my way there and hopefully we can talk more in person. stay safe!

*He releases the PTT and goes back to finalizing the wrap*

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*Endeavour can be seen mending the doctors house door because of last night action three drunk men went in the doctors house and locked it and the Marshall had no other option to shoot the door lock to get these people out*


*Endeavour hears voices coming from his radio which was on the table in the house, Endeavour walks over to the radio and presses the PTT*


To the man who said was this Camp Endeavour. Yes it is,  yes I said kamenst, not sure if that's the place or not, or if im pronouncing it right or not. Yes we are here I'll be looking forward to your arrival.


To the man who said about location.

Yes the location is out.

Mercenaries may come, if I don't like there prices I'll decline there offer. But they are welcome to stay if they don't cause trouble. I will personally and the Marshall will remove them town. With or without force. 


We do not allow members of the town to store guns or ammunition. Because people like you want to take everything. We have farmed food vegetables, and if we find any meat we share to the people of the town so everyone has something. 

People like you don't look for the future. Most people don't because the world we live in, but those who look for the future are the people who want help an get though this shit by helping others. To make their children have some sort of good childhood, place to learn, read and write and are you the type of person to take a poor child chance to learn to read and write? 

If people do attack I will I pick up my magnum once again and kill the bastards who want to take away my people life away because all they want is to take. 

If people need something I will give it to them but all we have is food. Are people going to attack a whole town with children women and some week men?   Just over some food?  When all they could do is ask?  


Hello Erik,

Yes my friend you will have to come for a visit. I will be looking forward to it and we can have a catch up can't we.


Hello sykar,

Yes we could do with assistance, we have doctor here that can help with your problems.

I'll save you that glass of whisky. Then we can have a that chat. Stay safe my friend. 

*Endeavour let's go of the PTT*

(I'll add colour later currently on phone)



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*Jack presses down the PTT*

Write my name down under Bar Staff alongside Evan.

That's our job and no one else's, I take pride in that place man.

*Jack releases the PTT*

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*Joe picks up his radio and presses the PTT*

*sucking sounds can be heard in the background*

Listen here Western, all the good luck with your camp.

The only mistake you should not have made you made.

Now that you revealed the location people will come yes, but not the kind you want.

Oh well, If you need help you know were to find me.

*Joe releases the PTT*


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2 hours ago, Western said:


*Ryan sits in his house, his feet resting up on the table as he stares at the various items scattered around it. He stares at the tattered, green armband that is lying toward the far end of the table and reaches over, looking at it for a moment before picking up the radio and pushing down the PTT*

There is no future...

*he sighs*

It isn't worth trying to build a future, it will fall apart around you and all you can do is watch. People do not care about women, or children, they will do whatever it takes to get what they need, or use these people to get to you...

*he reaches over and takes a fresh box of cigarettes, opening it and taking one out*

Don't put children in danger having them live in a public town, don't assume that women will not also be targets, and do not assume that people will only see the opportunity for food when they decide to shoot up the place

*he takes a drag of his cigarette*

Oh, and don't accuse me of being a man who takes away the opportunity for a child's future, you don't even fuckin know me

*he releases the PTT and takes another drag of his cigarette, sighing heavily as he lays the armband back on the table*

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*Jacket rests at his makeshift temporal camp, Polishing the guitar strings of his, Leaving the radio at the backround he listens through the whole chat over the frequency, a few moments after dropping a small thought over the few cases that happened not a while ago, He grabs the radio pushing the PTT button*


I mu--  


*He clears his throat*


I must sa---


*A dry cough could be heard, with the words "Fucking hell..." following up*


Argh... I must say that those acts that people take on themselves, with committing to such cases of rebuilding a part of humanity are quite, Complicated. A gamble rather...

Sure it's a risk, but in the right hands with the right acts it might develop into something,

People try... People fail, We all keep retrying because hey... Let us rebuild the humanity of mankind once again into the glory it used to have!     The world has changed.

Again, It still requires the right acts, The right people, The right... Leadership.

To achieve... Somethin'---.


*He clears his throat for about five seconds before continuing*


Ryan is indeed right, Realism is what we face nowadays, you cannot really expect from something like that to be...

Sunshine and Rainbows Hehe...

But well, Have your luck and chance Bud, Another try is still another chance for it to succeed eh?


*He lets out a small sigh, before continuing*


But still, There will be those to help around and all but eh...

It always ends up being the same doesn't it?


One aims achieving something rather humane and peaceful to benefit 'us' all, and obviously doesn't follow the goal of her-- His... And eventually it all gets fucked up.

Listen here, if you are the leader, means you lead the case right? It's the full responsibility of yours,

It wouldn't be wise to create something just simply for the troubles and bother without any of those benefits you proposed.

But well,

Let us... 'hope' and maybe try... having it different this time.


Might give the place a visit, or a hand?



*He lets go of the PTT button, placing the radio aside, continuing on polishing the rusty shitty strings of his beaten up guitar*

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*Rocco stops from eating his juicy steak and notices the voice coming from his radio. Intrigued, he picks up the radio with his greasy fingertips*

Building a camp, huh? I can't promise anything, but I know a few friends that are willing to keep an eye on this project. Good luck and I hope to see you in the future.

*Puts down the radio and proceeds to grab his food and run towards his leader's tent*

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*David has been listening to the broadcast since the original message had been transmitted and finally decided to speak* 

Hello, I am David. I used to be somebody and now I am just simply - David. Seem easier to stay safe when you are a nobody *his transmission is broken by a half-hearted laugh*. I will not be being hired by Endevour however, I am willing to extend a hand of help with my companions to help your success. I hope it works but it will inevitably fail. I also hope that you help as many people as possible before the murderers and scum of the earth try to take it from you. I'd be happy to meet whenever is best for you. -Out. 

*He stretches his neck and moves the chess piece before nodding to Lucas with a wink as if to say 'Your move bitch...'*

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*Endeavour can be seen sitting on chair on a porch while mending a cassette player on table outside his house*


You are wrong.

There is always a future... There is a point of building a future.

For the children,  the future is children.  So they can have a future.

  If it falls apart I will rebuild. 

Whats your future ay?




Yes I am taking the risk.

I'm taking a risk to build something for the future.




I'm not saying I am able to rebuild the whole of humanity. But simply doing my part to rebuild a part of humanity.

The world has changed. Its going to take a lot of time to rebuild humanity and get back to what we used to have before this shit hit us.

I can hope people will understand what I'm trying to build.




Yes I am building a camp, alot of work is needed.

Im hiring if your are looking for work?



*Endeavour lets go of the PTT* 


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43 minutes ago, Western said:


*Ryan is sitting by his desk when he hears the broadcast once again, after it ends almost in anger he takes the radio into his hands and pushes down the PTT*

My future? My future is fucking dead...

*he pauses for a moment, releasing a sigh*

Whatever, put children at risk while you build the false hope that you label a future... I don't fucking care

*he releases the PTT and drops the radio on the table. He sighs heavily as he reaches into his bag and takes out a pair of wedding rings, staring at them for a moment before dropping them back into his bag and slinging it over his shoulder*

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*As Daniel sits on his bunk int he compound, trying on his gasmask, ready for his next move... He hear's Ryan's and the mans conversation over the radio and chuckles, before pressing the PTT Button, his voice would be pretty much unrecognisable to people who are not close to him due to the gas mask* 

" I give it about a week until someone attacks or everyone just give's up and goes back to being 2 bit fuckin' gangsters...

Kids are the future?

Reminds me of a guy I was told about who used to run a pub near Kabanino "

*The radio would fall silent*

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::Scottie would hear the messages of children, and take his radio into his small hands::

::His voice would sound very young, and quiet like a child::

Hello Mister... My names Scottie... You say that the children are the future... Well there's not many of us... Left sadly... Is... Is the camp safe mister Endeavour?

::He gently sets the radio back down and awaits a response::


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*Leo picks up his radio as he hears the broadcast*

*Sighs and sits down next to a old tree with many carvings on it*

*Presses the PTT*

"Hey.. I'm Leo.. Umm.. so you need help? I think you could have some use for me? Right? Umm... I'll head to meet you"

"I'll work for you.. For protection and food.. If you can provide me some."

*Releases the PTT and sets the radio aside while pulling some snus out from a metallic box*

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*J hears the broadcast, smiles and presses the PTT*

Another project ripe for abuse... I mean business, we'll be in touch Mr. Endeavour

*J releases the PTT*

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*Jack presses down the PTT*

Hey Endeavour, Ezekiel and I are wanting to both run the bar and share the upstairs together if that's okay. 

I would also like to put myself forward for the role of the medic in all situations, battle or domestic issues. You see, after some of the things I've seen and done with my friends, i'd rather be saving their lives than having them die around me. 

*Jack releases the PTT*

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*Louie Presses  PTT*

"I heard this camp is safe, and they don't shoot children."

*Louie Releases PTT*

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*Endeavour can be seen chopping wood with his axe and he hears his voices coming from his radio he drops the axe and picks up his radio and presses the PTT*


Hello Scottie, 

Yes the camp is safe.

I'll be waiting for your arrival.




Hello Leo, 

Yes we always need some people willing to work at the camp,

get you self up here son. 




Hello James,

Get your self to kamenst.

We can speak then.


*Endeavour lets go off the PTT*

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*Knocking a fresh battery into the radio, Cotton transmits his own message.*

"If it's, uhh, alright with you and-uh-your lot, I might turn up to the camp one of the days and l-look around. I'm a Medic so if anyones needin' stitches and I'm there, I'd-I'd help out."

*Dead air goes on for a couple more seconds before he speaks again.*

"I, uh, tend to carry a lot of supplies for other ailments too. Probably won't trade them away, just lookin' to help people out in my spare time."

*The transmission cuts off.*

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*Endeavour hears a voice coming from his radio he picks it up and presses the PTT*


All is welcome to the camp.

Feel free to come down, i'll be waiting


*Endeavour lets go of the PTT*

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"KurtKleaver here...night watch...that sounds interesting. What exactly does this entail? You've definitely peaked my interest."

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