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Um, maybe I am just extremely slow or hell maybe even possibly stupid!  I went away for a while because I was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma (stomach cancer, 3 tumors) and had to have surgery to try and have them removed because Chemotherapy didn't help at all.  Thankfully, the surgery was a success and I have been Cancer Free for almost two months now.  If I make it a year, then the odds of it coming back are a lot smaller.  If I make it five years, then I have pretty much completely beaten it (sorry back to the question, just couldn't mention cancer and not tell the story or you would be curious on how it turned out).

Anyways, when I came back, the website had obviously changed and in my opinion it changed for the better.  I have had absolutely no trouble finding any of the threads or information the I love to read and be a part of...up until now of course.  I am ready to perma-death my current character because I have played him to the point I have lost interest and so I am ready to create and try something new.  However, in order to create his backstory, I need a refresher on the lore of when the outbreak started and everything.

As I said, I may just be extremely slow/stupid or possibly just over looking it but for some reason I can't find the lore page with this information.  Has it been removed?  If so, is there a new lore coming out and if so when?  Or, since I am probably just over looking it, can you point me in the direction to find the lore page?

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.  I look forward to creating and trying this new character after I confirm a few things about the lore.


ApocalypseHero4 (aka: Ryan Storms <--soon to be dead probably  aka: Nathan (Snake-Doc) Mills <---soon to be character)

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Lore page is found here Here. Games>DayZ>Lore :)

If you need further assistance with anything else you can PM a staff member or go on our TS and get a vocal response.

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It's found under the games tab.


Game > Dayz > Lore


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You can find the keys to the kingdom here: http://www.dayzrp.com/dayz-lore/

Make sure to read carefully!

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Lmao, see I knew I was just slow and not seeing it haha.  I never expected it too be under the games tab for some reason haha.  Thank you all for the information.  That has been a wonderful help.

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