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Supplies in Need

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*Jonah throw down a recently broken fireaxe before pressing down on the PTT. Unfortunately he coughed as he pressed down on the PTT,  leaving anyone listening to hear wet mucus come flying out of his mouth.*

I thought snot could only come out of your fucking nose. Oh shit i'm on air. Uh, I guess I need to keep this short and sweet, I need a barrel or tents, and a shit ton of nails and wood. And maybe some axes so I can chop down wood. If you have that talk to me please, I would like it if my cabin could have some walls. 

*Would chuckle before bursting into another fit of coughs, although they sound dry.*

Oh, and some cough drops and antibiotics. Or weed. I heard that could help. Oh and props to that medic that helped me out at Chernogorsk. Hope that Red 9 is serving you well. Well, that's all for now. End transmission.

*Releases the PTT button, sighs, and begins to duct tape the handle of his fireaxe to the axehead. *

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*Zack jones over hears the message over his ham radio*

*Zack searches for a rag and wraps it around the radio to muffle his voice*

*Zack picks up the radio and presses down the PTT button*

Hello I can be of assistance to you good sir, that is if you are interested

*Zack takes a quick hit*

Get back to me and I can give you some bud

*Zack releases the PTT*

*Zack waits in his house for a response*


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*Keione hears the broadcast on his spare radio, chuckling. He holds down the PTT gently with his thumb*

Most storage containers such as tents and barrels are used by those in control of settlements who probably have a lot more to offer than the average survivor.

What's your paying price?

*He let's go off the radio, static consuming the frequency*

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