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Goods. [OPEN Frequency]

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A woman's tired voice can be heard coughing over the radio. Jenny clears her throat and takes a deep sigh.

" I forgot what a shithole this place was. "

A soft chuckle can be heard as she grunts, lifting her legs up on the table in front of her. The energy was there, but her body worked against her every movement.

" So who got control over the goods hmm? I need some shit right now and I got no time to fuck around. I and my... colleague have been travelling from city to city only to find nothing. So if you are responsible for keeping the goods to yourself, I'm sure I can give you a satisfying price for it. Tell me where you are and I will be there. "

The transmission ends abruptly.

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William wakes up with a hangover from the night before and hears someone rambling on about goods and holds ptt 

What do you mean by goods like guns and ammo? or you know

He takes a drink of water because his throat is dry and clears throat


He releases ptt and lays back down playing with his gas lighter

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The man assuming things causes Jenny to rub her temple annoyed. However, she still put on a relaxed sweet tone.

" You answered your own question. Guns, ammo and drugs will all be greatly appreciated. Before you start flipping out, I am a pharmacologist and my colleague knows her ways around drugs as well. There are no hands more qualified in this country to possess medications, alright? "

Jenny takes a short break, hoping to have cleared that up.

" Well? Do you have what we need? "

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*Sat in the casino Tim would flick through frequencies on his radio and come across a possible business venture*

"I'm gonna go ahead and presume by the words 'control over the goods' you mean substances that will get you off your nut."

*He'd chuckle before continuing*

"What you looking for lady, give me a list and I'll get you a price. As for the bloke, deal guns and ammo as much as you want leave the drugs to people who know what they're doing."

*He'd place the radio on the concrete wall awaiting a response*

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William hears her mention pharmacologist and chuckles holds ptt

So your a qualified junkie 


Im only joking but seriously i think i may be able to help with the drugs part i will contact you if i can let me just try contact some people

William releases ptt and stashes the rest of his weed in his jacket pocket

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*Reaching for his radio again Tim would begin to talk*

"Don't take my warning as a light thing, don't deal and we won't have a problem."

*He'd place the radio back on the concrete wall*

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*Will hears the broadcast of the man trying to start his role in the drug trade. He presses the PTT*

Listen bud, I really like your spunk and enthusiasm but the stage is already set for the drug trade here and well.... You didnt make the casting call. 

Let the big boys do their work and stay out of our way. 

*He Pauses* 

Miss. If you want drugs name your product. The Gamblers have got you covered. 

*He releases the PTT*

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Hearing the joke causes her to frown and mumble to herself quietly, " seems like everyone is a fucking junkie these days... ". She squeezes the radio hard as she transmits her reply.

" Hah funny... Look... I don't care who delivers it, as long as it's pure and not mixed in with any other shitty substances. I know drugs well and don't think I won't notice if you try and sell me anything else. "

Jenny leans back and licks her lips, listing as they claim they have a storage.

" My errr... storage is running low on... Morphine, codeine, opium, heroin, methadone, vicodin, oxycontin. Other medications can also be discussed. My colleague has her own list. "

Hearing the man mention the name of their business causes Jenny to speak up again, once more before releasing the button.

" Gamblers hm? Met someone calling himself that yesterday. That man had nothing in my interest and like I said before, I don't have time to fuck around. "

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Tim would take his radio and begin to talk

"Like yourself we don't have time to fuck around either, the person you spoke to.. Did you happen to get a name? We've had a few people running around pretending to be us so I wouldn't be too shocked, if not we'll find out who soon enough"

Taking out his notepad he'd flip to the back and begin to write down the list the woman wanted

"Right, so I've got this written down and I'll get onto my people to see what we are able to supply you with, I assure you the products we deal are legitimate. How were you expecting to pay for this stock exactly? Money doesn't really have much value when you can find or steal whatever the fuck you want."

Pulling up a chair from behind him Tim would take a seat and lean back with his feet up on the wall in front of him with his radio in hand

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His questions boring her, she yawns before responding.

" No, not that I remember. He had some yellow fabric tied around his upper arm he claimed to never take off because that would be disrespectful towards his family or something like that. "

Her voice is calm and relaxed like she knows payment won't be a problem.

" It is up to you to figure out what you want in return. I'm sure we can top it. "

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Taking to his radio once more he'd respond

"I'll get back to you sometime soon."

Placing the radio on his belt he'd begin to walk to his stash 

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*Dimitri yawns, looking around the storage room, adjusting the bottles to each corresponding shelf.*

*Dimitri presses his PTT.*

"Depends what you need, Брат.

I got sno, I got krystal.

I also have peels. 

Prices low too.

Let me know."

*Dimitri would stop the transmission, returning to assigning bottles of pills and medication to the shelves.*

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Hearing the radio make a sound after already making plans makes her frown confused.

" Cocaine, metamfetamine and what, banana peel? "

She sounds annoyed as people start using slang.

" Judging from the slang you use, the shit you sell isn't pure. I already said I don't have time to do business with people that scrape the bottom of the barrel. "

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*Dimitri presses his PTT once again, confused.

He passes his radio over to Curtis so he can explain.*

"He's talking about cocaine, meth and ecstasy. 

They're not laced, they're pure."

*Dimitri stops the transmission.*

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*Ondrej takes his radio, surprised to hear the voice of the woman*

Jenny? What the fuck are you on about right now? Seems like your motivations changed quite a bit from the last time we met.

*He sighs*

I don't know why, but I had a feeling something was different about you. 

*Ondrej shakes his head ends the transmission*

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Hearing a voice she recognises causes Jenny's serious expression to fade. 

" You don't understand Ondrej... "

First, she feels worried about that he thinks. But hearing him trying to change her was not what she needed.

" My motivations change? I'm sorry but unlike you, I know that we aren't dancing on roses. Your ideology of making this world a better place is NEVER going to succeed. You are wasting your time Ondrej. I wish I could tell you this before, but you are the one that should change after my pattern. Live the last few years we have in happiness instead of wasting them on trying to help ungrateful fucked up people. "

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*Ondrej grabs his radio with a sorrowful sigh and start transmitting*

These times really can change the best people. I will not betray my ideals for the petty pleasure these times offer nor will I let myself fall down the same hole you seem to have gone down.

*He pauses*

I will not come after you or try to change your ways as I know how this will end and...

*He speaks in a low defeated voice*

I cannot bring myself to do it. Rozloučení, Jenny.

*The transmission ends*

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*Endeavour can be seen chopping wood with his axe*

*Endeavour hears voices coming from the radio*

*Endeavour swings the axe into a log and it sticks, he walks over to the radio and picks it up and presses the PTT*

Give me a fucking list and see what i can do.




I've got some shit here, good shit.


No fucking about, tell me what you want I'll see what I can do


*Endeavour lets go of the PTT*


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*Holds down the PTT*

Drugs? Haven't seen any around since my college days... Guns and ammo though; now that's something that I can deal with I'd give you my private frequency but eavesdroppers and what not if you come by Cherno just ask for the half gook and you'll be okay I have some five point fifty-six and the ammo that the SVD takes forgot what that was but don't be thinking I'll be giving you that shit for free just because you're a women... *abruptly giggles like a 12 year old* Fuck haven't made myself laugh in awhile. We'll trade if you want, see ya

*Lets go of the PTT*

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*Cait would lean over the bed, reaching for the radio on the nightstand to her left with a painful groan. She pushed down the PTT*

"You could always try morphine, if you have any. Generally used as a pain killer, but it can give a high, you know, depending on how tolerant you are to it."

*She would let out a giggle, snorting like a piglet in the process.*

"As a medical grad student, you can -totally- trust me-hehe..eh.. On that one. P-HAH-O-ow..."

*She would let go of the PTT, clutching her aching stomach, clearly her morphine had started losing effect, yet still she was coming down from her high.*

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*Hearing Cait on the frequency hed groan as he continued searching the desolate city for a replacement suit given the fighting yesterday saw to the destruction of his suit save the shoes. Hed hold up in the second story of an apartment grabbing his worn blood stained PTT*

"Love id prefer you not to become a morphine dealer in general let alone when we are low on medical supplies after yesterday. Its a bloody miracle I survived and that you did too... Bloody hell suppose ill head home to make sure you dont start trying to run a pharmacy... Oh and I suppose to make sure you dont bleed out and such. Just dont die on me before I get home eh? Oh and if anyones looking to get high there was a hidden growery in the back of the old GMTC Compound. Fuck If I know if anything is still there but I know someone was growin the damned thing."

*Hed release the PTT sighing and creep out the building making his way home cautious not to be followed, sticking to the outskirts of the area*

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3 minutes ago, Stitches said:

-Snip snoop-

*She would lean over again to grab the radio, dopily sticking it near her face while she laid on her back pushing down the PTT*

"I'm not- Not looking to be a dealer!"

*She paused, sounding drunk from the kick.*

"I was just... Giving these ~lovely~ people a tip, you know? Keheh- ow-ow-ow.. I'll get off the line.."

*She released the PTT, dropping the radio on her chest, exhausted*

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Having spent a few hours to collect herself after Ondrej's words, Jenny pushes down the PTT.

" I previously listed what I needed. I can repeat myself since I'm guessing some of you missed it... "

She takes a short pause trying to remember it all.

" I believe I requested codeine, morphine, heroin, methadone, vicodin. Like I said earlier, other medications can also be discussed since I have a colleague who might need something else-... "

She stops mid-sentence and sighs a bit annoyed.

" By something else I am not speaking of shady party drugs that some of you people suggests. Do I need to remind you all that all of these drugs have a medical use? "

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*He presses the ptt*

Wait what ? do they ?

damn for a second i though you were somekind of drug addict and was packing some goods for you 

but thats no more , if you using that shit to save someone i want double the price you were gonna pay at first

*he releases the ptt and mutters to himself "damn i'm edgy"*

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*Will more frustrated than before reaches for his radio. He picks it up and presses the PTT forcefully.* 

Are all you mother fuckers deaf or just stupid? When me and the others said that The Gamblers deal with the drug trade here we fucking meant it fellas. Either you guys are A too fucking dumb to understand a simple request to stop selling drugs or B just have your eyes keen on getting the girl her fix so you can get your tongue sucked by a girl doped out of her fucking mind. Either way it ends here. If you want to supply drugs to this country you can find us... It ain't hard. But selling in our turf not under our name? Id hate for us to catch you pulling some wise ass shit like that. 

*He slams the radio down and runs his hands through his hair* 

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