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Broadcast to "Gamblers" [Private Frequency]

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*Damien is sitting in the clubhouse swinging an extremely stale beer with Joe, Anton, and Johnny discussing recent events. They decide on a club vote. Damien grabs the radio, and begins to transmit*

This is Damien with the Pagan's M.C. May have heard of us, may have not, but one of yinz saved me and my brother's ass at that 101 place. Had them yeller rags on your arms. My brother and I were takin' a good ole stroll, got shot by them 101ers, y'all patched me up, and kept us safe from whatever the fuck was goin' on there. The man said y'all are referred to as Gamblers? Well Gamblers if you're hearing this, I thank you.

*Damien finishes the extremely stale beer, and throws the bottle at Prospect Dallas*

We may have some uh, similar interests. See, a few days after we took another stroll 'round there. They shot a damn Prospect of mine, another one bit the fuckin' dust. We got our retaliation, but they didn't take too kindly to what we left on their doorstep.

*Damien pauses and continues*

I'm wondering if y'all would like to set up a meet to discuss this and some other similar interests. And besides, I owe that one man a god damn beer.

*Damien ends the transmission*

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*Pauly hears the broadcast and lifts up his radio, pushing the PTT*

"Ain't nothin' but a thang bud. We don't normally save people but I guess my guys musta been feeling nice that day. If you wanna have a beer and talk a bit than sure, but just cause we saved ya doesn't mean we wanna be all buddy buddy. That comes with a few drinks! Next time we chat use the frequency 106.9. We can set up a meet time on there."

*Pauly puts down his radio and lights up a joint*

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