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A Gypsy's Tale - Chuk Lewandozka

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Chuk Lewandozka. Born in Romania, Raised as a football hooligan and now living the good life as a traveler, going across Europe & Asia with my brothers in our many caravans, As the apocalypse took place we survived by hiding in the Thick Chernarus woods until we deemed it safe enough to venture out, witnessing numerous weird things over the course of our stay, unaware of the true state of the world and there homeland. Overtime many of the younger brothers fled the homestead to reap the rewards of the ruined lands, grabbing as much scrap metal as they could carry, but many to never return. My family's plan to unite once again and rule Chernarus as the dominant Family, This is why Chuk left the homestead, to gather his strongest brothers from the furthers corners of Chernarus and because a fighting for to be reckoned with.

 His rough upbringing and the death of his girlfriend turned him into a emotionless psycho not afraid to throw fists, especially when it comes to family, before after all, Family is power , Because I am the oldest brother I have chosen to lead the family and doing so must control my wild and reckless brothers from doing something they would soon regret, With all this time out in the wilderness we has mastered survival techniques and hunting and how to handle small & and large firearms . My first infected kill was my father, he became sick shortly after we arrived in Chernarus and as the oldest I took it upon myself to pull the trigger, ending his suffering as all of my brothers witnessed, This firmly places Chuk as the Alpha of the Lewandozka's.

Where this new beginning would take Chuk and his family is yet to be known, But guaranteed to be filled with Blood, Tears and Booze.

Family Is Power

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Its a nice read, just fix the formatting issue and some punctuation things and this is great! 

Good job

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