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Message to all [Open Freq]

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SirMadness    22

*David leans back against a pile of wood next to the police station of Novy Sobor and presses down the PTT button*

All of Chernarus, Hello, my name is David. Me and some friends are looking for a place to trade, We understand a well established trading post is no longer well - uh - established... We are looking for new place to trade. Novaya Petrovka was suggested but after our last encounter, they dont seem like the friendly type. Any suggestions. Thanks all, David Out.

*David stands up and stretches his back. He looks at Lucas and nods before continuing to Stary Sobor.*


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*Endeavour is repairing a wooden gate and he can hear the radio hear his radio going off and he walks over to it picks it up from his vest and PTT* 


'Hello David, sadly the Green Mountain Trading Company is no longer open'


*short pause*


'But I myself is building a new camp it needs a lot of work, it needs repairs, some of the fences have rotted, and broke away, some of the house need patching up'


*short pause*


'I've decided to call it camp Endeavour, if your interested you can contact me on 38.7'


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