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To those who tried a robbery [Open Freq]

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*David sits back against the corner of what had been the site of cold bloody fighting, he breathes deeply and wipes the blood off of his boots.*

I'll admit it, you nearly had us but not quite hehe, *he winces at his leg*. Yes we lost a man, but despite being heavily outnumbered, we fought you off. Dont know how many of you fuckers ran away, *mutters to himself* Stomachless bastards. Maybe next time you'll think again before behaving so dishonourably to fellow survivors. To everyone else listening, stay clear of Novaya Petrovka's industrial area, we've heard it as being a breeding ground for bandit fucks, and now we've seen it for ourselves. I doubt most of them wont be coming back, but you cant be sure. *he half-heartedly laughs*. David out...

*He takes out a cigar saved for occasions such as these to steady his nerves as despite his confident way of speaking on the radio, he hated killing. He tilted his head up at the canopy and clenched his eyes shut, wishing the everlasting nightmare to go away*

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* Marshall would reach for his radio, holding down the PTT. You can hear a Yorkshire accent *

As a wise man once said, "In this world, evil can arise from the best of intentions and there is good which can come from evil intentions". Get used to it bud, they obviously needed something and you failed to provide ... you deserved it.

* Static overtakes the frequency *

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*Keione gets up from his nap against the tree, confused from the voices. Unsure of what's going on, he grabs his spare radio from his backpack and listens in. After hearing the broadcast, he chuckles and slides his finger over the PTT*

Natural Selection seems to be working efficiently I see. 

*He stands up, stretching his arms and yawning*

I live a life where I'd rather be compliant than lose my friend. I think you should consider it as well. Supplies are scavengable. A lost life isn't.

*He let's go of the PTT, shaking his head. He looks over at Charles and motions to be quiet*

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