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Whitelist background :P Feedback please guys

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My name is Matt "Swift" Parkins, before this apocolypse happened i was an Ex Australian Special armed services operative. I had been waiting weeks to see my family after returning from my peacekeeping job in east Iraq. When the day came for my loved ones to pick me up from the airport, they became involved freak car accident causing all passengers to die upon impact, excluding my wife and 1 other passenger to be critically injured and hospitalised. Upon hearing that my wife was never to walk again and didn't have much longer live, I decided it would be best for me to quit my Military career and persue a career that would allow my wife and I to see the world before her time ended, and due to my military training, she suggested I looked into cage fighting, so I did.

I received a contract through the rookie fighting league, and my first fight was in Russia, Chernarus. We packed our bags and a couple of my S.A.S mates, whom had also finished their military contracts and decided to accompany us, began our travels. after we landed we went sight seeing around chernogorsk, Its not much to look at but she was happy so i was happy. It was fight time, I was back in the locker rooms getting ready for the fight when things started to go out of control and the power went. I thought nothing of it and kept preparing. After a few Minutes there was a people screaming and bangs going off i started to get worried, my wife and mates were just outside the locker rooms, and i could hear screaming...

I ran to the door and opened it to see my mates wrestling a deranged man off of my wife, he had bit her several times she didn't look to good. I picked her up and brought her inside the locker room and my mates barricaded the door. We were in there for a while waiting for her to wake up, but when she finally did she wasn't her Steven lent down to help her up when she bit a chunk out of his hand, he staggered and said "Matt, talk some sense into her will ya?" I bent down and she started to reach out and bit me. " somethings wrong" I said "Open the door and check outside". Steven and the others opened the door to a Hallway of dead people... but they were still walking..

there were men with no arms or legs crawling around eating anything that moved. I looked around and one of the men had sign around his neck saying "Don't get bit, or you'll turn!" thats when it hit me. My wife was no longer my wife, I turned to her, she was crawling towards us growling, Steven looked at me, we knew what had to be done. we walked towards her and Kye stopped me and asked "Do you want me to do it?" "No, I have too, shes my wife..." i replied, we grabbed her and held her down, i grabbed the fire extinguisher and stood over her..... " I'm sorry..." I said holding back tears, with a swing of my arm I had put her down, laying there... lifeless.

After we got out of the stadium, Steven didn't look too well " Matt..." he said looking at his bite, "You know what you have do.." I turned back and sobbed "No, no ,no" "Yes!" he yelled " I don't want to be one of them, please..." I had to do it, there was no other way, he handed me a rock "Be quick." he said laying his head on a larger rock he closed his eyes, You know the rest..... I Made a pact with myself and my remaining friends that day seeing as we had nothing to go back to, and for what they did to my friends and family, That I would find other survivors and we would take back what was once ours.... Home...

Feedback guys, :P

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