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I'm surrounded by people, but I feel alone

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This world is bullshit sometimes, I think we can all agree, but the shit thats not meant to hurt you, stabs you in the heart...

My story begins when I decided to take a trip into a little town called Guglovo, nothing much in the town other than wanderers and the occasional burnt out car and buildings.. seems pretty safe so far, but as I walked up to the water pump down the dirt road, people start emerging from the sides of the pump, all of which wielding weapons.. at first I thought I was gonna get my ass robbed like I normally do, but they didn't seem to be moving towards me, just being cautious, I walk up to them and introduce myself...

"Hello there"

they were slow to respond, but once they did they started asking questions, whats my name.. who am I with.. I answered all of these questions truthfully and told a few jokes while I was at it, they laughed and they seemed to like me, they introduced themselves as Rene, Jaroslav, and Ender. They didn't react that bad to my hand and my eye, which is surprising as most people just start questioning me on how it happened.. they started to head off and I turned to them and asked if I could tag along.. they said yes and I joined in with them, they were walking along the road, just talking.. it was weird for me to be with people as I always liked being alone, hunting.. scavenging.. but I felt like I was wanted here. They were talking about a lot of stuff, clothes, how all this shit started and even at one point, dragons.. I kinda started that one, but besides the point.

Rene was questioning whether I had a girlfriend, or if I thought i'd ever get one.. it was strange for someone to be asking questions like this, I havent heard a conversation about relationships in years, not after Lyuda at least, it became apparent very quickly that Jaro and Rene were in a relationship, and Jaro even started giving me tips on how to get a girlfriend... I laughed at the time and every "lesson" he gave was more embarrassing than the last, but it got me thinking i guess..

After a while of walking, I yawned, it had been a long day and Rene asked "you tired Frank?" I responded as such and said "yeah, been walking all day" all 3 of them went into their own private conversation, after a while of discussions, Rene broke away and asked "how long has it been since you slept, properly?" I laughed and responded with "at least a year" she then asked.. "how about you come sleep at our place?" my eyes lit up, I instantly replied with "yes of course, thank you" this instantly sparked debate between Ender and the others, this was the first sign of distrust...

After a good nights sleep in this barn that they called home, a few days had passed before anything important happened again, other than me saving their asses from wolves. In these few days I was questioned more about my past, who I used to roll with, who i've killed, what i've done in such terrible times. Even after answering all these questions honestly they seemed to not trust me still.. it was only until the confrontation at the barn that made ME question them further..

Rene and Jaro had briefly explained that they didn't like a guy called Woods, knowing my past with Ryan and how it was apparent these two were fond of each other it was safe to say a friend of Ryan's was my enemy. One night we were all chilling in the barn, a new barn that we had found after we had to move, a fire was on and we were crowded around it, all of a sudden everyone started getting to their feet and grabbing weapons, they were panicking over something, I heard of the name Ashby.. and that he was coming, Jaro told me to protect Rene while he dealt with it... what the fuck was happening i did not know, a mildly drunk man appears out of the woods and I piece together this guy is associated with woods, knowing Ryan and his henchmen I instantly get Rene behind me and start checking the woods for snipers, but there was no-one but Ashby, they start hitting Ashby and they brought him into the courtyard where they pin him down and Jaro starts interrogating him..

This is where shit gets surreal...

Jaro gets angry and pulls out a water bottle, he starts to pour what I think is water over Ashby, but the stench of petrol quickly encumbers my nostrils, I try and argue and talk Jaro out of what hes doing but I just get told to shut the fuck up, Rene gets angry at me for interrupting Jaro and then all I see is the fire... he lit that man on fire... what the fuck..! I fall over, entranced on the fire.. I snap out of it and start to ask Rene why they're doing this.. all she says is that he deserves it for being a rat.. after a while shit starts to really kick off, this Italian guy called Enzo starts to argue as well. He shoots in the air with his shotgun, sparking controversy, Jaro points an AK at his face and before I know it I jump into the middle of a Mexican standoff, I keep Jaro away from Enzo and I start yelling to get peoples attention, to STOP this bullshit... but it doesn't work, a fucker named neil pushes me out, I grab my rifle as he starts to shout a bunch of shit at me.. in that moment I wanted to turn around and put a bullet in his fat fucking face... but I just tell him not to follow me or I would kill him...

As im walking through the forest I notice someone following me, I put on my hunter jacket and hit the ground, I let him pass and i continue on. After a while of walking I radio Jaro with the frequency he gave me and told him that I was sorry, but I had to take a day to get my mind together.. We argued, alot.. when I did eventually return I was almost robbed, but Alex, Rene, Jaro and Anya come out of the woods, must've scared the robbers and they buggered off..we went up to an old construction site and Rene and Jaro explained everything... I finally understand what is going on. They still don't seem to trust me.. and it feels like shit.. not being trusted, it feels like walking with people I don't know but i know at the same time... the fact that everyone is in a relationship but me also adds to the shitty feeling, I feel like the odd one out. I would die for these people but i'm not sure they would do the same for me...

I'm surrounded by people, but I feel alone..



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