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To Emily. Louie and Chriss [private Frequency]

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*Dragan sits near the fire thinking what has happend and were did it go wrong, 

He grabs his radio from the ground an holds the PTT*


Emily, Louie, Chriss if you can hear this  i want to apologize for everything that happend in the last months

i want to talk this out,

your my friends the only friends i have left and i dont want to lose you 

If you want to talk name a place and il be there


*Dragan looks down at the group picture and releases the PTT*

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*Chris hears Dragan voice and presses down on the PTT*

Dragan! So good to hear your voice again. God how long has it been 2 months? 

So much has fucking changed. Im not exactly the same person.....

*Chris pauses for a few seconds*

You know what you see. Come to Grishino we can have a nice cup of tea and have so much fun!

*Chris releases the PTT* 

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*Emily hears a familiar voice through the radio and presses the transmit button.*

"Dragan? long time no see. Hey don't worry about it. I don't think you knew what was happening at the time."

*She thinks back trying to remember when the last time they spoke was.*

"So we're good. Let's talk about it all later, it's good to hear from you again."

*She smiles and releases the transmit button.*

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