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Code Name: Ztroly

Age: 29

Occuptaion: Norwegian Spy

for a coupel months ago I was sent to Russia.

There were some rumors that Russia had created a very dangerous weapon.

Rumors was that this new weapon could wake people up from the dead.

Many in the office joked that it would be like in the "walking dead" if this were true

At that time, no one believed in the new super weapon that Russia had tryed to develope inn many years.

While the office joked about the new threats, I was summoned to the boss.

I was told to go allready next day, Russian passport and everything was allready fixed for me.

The plan was that would move in with a family that was bought by the Norwegian brunette direction and they lived in a town called Elektrozavodsk.

Starting at the next day I was on my way, took a boat from northern Norway to the Russian Federation.

I could not quite understand why my country believed that there was such a super weapon.

The plan was that i should observe and find info NeXT 2 years,

I felt sorry for myself, why could I not been sent somewhere else? a warmer place?

After 2 days on the boat i saw land,it was a big city called Electro, that was shorter name residents used.

It was very difficult to get in touch with citizens, very few spoke English.

I was greeted by an elderly man who told me to put the luggage in his car, it was obviously his family I was staying with.

Allready after a few months I realized that something was wrong. It was too much Russian military in the city.

I had got some documents from helping contacts, i didnt understand Russian but it was something about that super weapon

The plan was to send these documents to Norway as soon as next boat was going.

While I stand on the pier in Electro I see the older man I lived with and he`s son pointing my way.

I could not quite understand why he is pointing, everything with me is secret.

So I get a bad feeling, I see 12 to 15 armed Russian soldiers armed to neck running at me, inn my hand i got the documents

I can not throw them away, they had already seen them and i cant jump in the water becuse that would destroy them.

They shouting at me in Russian, i didnt understand anything so I lie down on my stomach with my hands out.

2 soldiers throw themselves at me, pushing my face down on the pier

An officer coming towards me, he speaks almost prefect English and ask me what kind of documents I have and why I'm on the pier.

He takes the document read fast through them, shakes his head and says something in Russian.

A soldier takes hes gun and hit me inn the head, everything turn black

I wake up with head pain, lift my head upp and look around me, I'm sitting in a jail cell.

I'm tied to a chair but not too hard,

I hear lots of sirens and lots of shots and people shouting

I managed to tilt the chair to the side so I get loose, I run to the door but it's locked and very solid, I could not get out that way.

I look around me and notice a small window with bars, I go against it to try to look out, I see soldiers shoot at alot of people that had gather around the building.

I did not understand why, why kill their own

So i see one that runs very fast, he is running straight for a soldier, he attack the solder biting him right on the throut.

The soldier fall to the ground while being eaten alive.

I hear ugly screams, i dont know if it is the solder or the other man screaming, but it continus when i see the man lie still.

He must be dead?

But suddenly I hear a new ugly scream from the soldier that had been eaten.

He gets up and looks directly at me, I throw myself back while a stone from the window falls. suddenly I realized how to get out of here.

Was it something I dare?

What would kill me first? soldiers or citizens who had suddenly become cannibals?

I started to remove enough stone so I could get out of the window.

I took the rope they had tied me with and bind it to the window.

I threw the rest down, lucky it went all the way down.

The plan was to wait for the night before I climbed down to run for the woods.

When the night finally came, I sat listening, I could not hear anything under me.

I looked out the window but could not see the ground, it made me very insecure.

But I had to get out, so I started to climb down.

but when I was almost all the way down and could see the ground, the rope snap, and i fall to the ground with a bomp sound.

Suddenly I hear Russian voices and guns began to fire at me, I'm running as fast as I can towards the woods,i did not stop until those Russian voices and shots was gone...

What should I do now?

had Russia shot themself with this super weapon?

Was the damage only in Russia?

What was it that had attacket the soldier?

Is it possible to get home to Norway?

Am I wanted in Russia?

Ho can i trust or not?

Can I find new evidence against this super weapon?

It was so many question and i did not know where to start.

Then my stomach startet to make some sounds, i was hungry and thirsty

so i startet to walker deeper inn the forest, away from the jail.

plz tell me what you think. And if you see something wrong or Things i can do diffrent plz tell me.. and yes i know that many sentence starts With "I"

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I can already tell you it's not gonna go through ;)

1. Fix the spelling and grammar.

2. The story is good, but there are many logic errors in it, I think you're using wrong verbs ("you bind the rope", "go against a window")

3. Remember it's supposed to be a background story, you should focus on who your character is and what he/she has been doing your whole life before ending up in Chernarus and DayZ. Do not focus too much on events in Chernarus, save that for the ingame roleplay :)

One more thing, please, do not use "plz" :D

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3 hours for nothing :P haha =) i will try fix it =)

Not for nothing, you saved yourself a rejection on whitelisting and seeing as you only get 2 tries at it thats a big help.

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// Also it seems you start almost every line with 'I'. Try to use something else to break it up and make it more varied.

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