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*Pat sits in the chair, sighs, and pulls out his battered radio*

"I hope this damn thing works."

*Pat presses the PTT*

"Hel... Hello.... My name is Pat Freeman. You don't know me, but uhhhh... I hope that we can change that here soon. I've heard a name popping up throughout the lands recently. Louie. I've heard a lot of things really, but I uhhh..." 

*Pat sighs*

"Fuck it. Look, I had a whole speech to give and stuff, but where the hell is that going to get me? I've been running around scavenging for the longest time since The Trinity broke apart months ago and I'm getting tired of living like this. I've found myself going from the top to the lowest I've ever been and I need help. I need people to run around with that don't like to be pushed around. People like VISTA. I want to join. Can you meet at the police station in Elektro now?"

*Pat lets go of the PTT and awaits response*

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*J holds down PTT*

We'll be there lad.

*J Releases PTT*

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