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Nathan Rogers

Question about settlements

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I had a question regarding settlements - if I accidentally enter one without knowing are the settlement members allowed to KOS? I don't want to stumble into a town or come across a seemingly empty camp and pick up some loot and have them think I'm robbing them and shoot on sight. I've seen other threads where people have complained about the settlement rules and how they are 100% tilted in favor of the settlers. I just didn't want to put myself in a position where I loot a town, get shot at - and if I return fire, I'm considered the aggressor.

I try to keep my camera rolling just in case there is a misunderstanding or miscommunication that results in someones death.. but I don't want a bullet crack and a black screen because I wandered over some unmarked border. Is there at least a map or something? I mean if OOC rules are in place to protect settlements, then surely there should be OOC rules to protect people who accidentally wander in.

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Most/all settlements have a set of rules that people have to follow. If you stumble upon a settlement then its best to ask them IC what their camp rules are to prevent being killed.

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Oh absolutely, if I see someone I will make contact first. I just didn't want to come across a tent with nobody around - so I assume it must be abandoned, only to have them watch me "rob" them from a tree line 200m away and get shot.

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If you come across a lone tent in the middle of nowhere and its clear that its just somebodies stash then they would have to make contact with you and initiate before they are allowed to do anything.

If you do get confused and if you don't know if its a settlement or not then just refer to the DayZRP Map. It has the location of all official settlements.

If you want to locate the map in the future, its under Games > DayZ > DayZ Map

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