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To Miller Thompson [Priv Freq]

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*Tony, scavenging in a military tent, takes out his radio and holds the PTT button*

"Hey Miller, It's Tony, been a while since I was with you guys. Last time I was with you lot we was trying to handle the Gamblers. Anyways, I don't know if you've heard but I am now the leader of a group called The Burners and right now we need help"

*Tony takes a deep breath before continuing*

"Basically, we've been having a bit of trouble with this Irish cunt called Louie and his band of merry men, saying he's gonna hunt us down and skin us alive if we don't join his cause, whatever that is. We're all on the brink of war with these arseholes and we've also had a traitor in our ranks. we've merged with another group called Hangmen but it feels like it isn't enough. We need more allies and that's why I came to you first, I would appreciate the help you'd give us and we will also return the favor of helping you guys out with anyone you've all got a problem with"

*Tony slips his radio back in his pocket and continues scavenging*

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*Miller recognizes the mans voice and is pleased with what he has to say. He presses the PTT*

It's nice to hear from you my friend, glad you have something set up for yourself. As far as an alliance of any sort, we'll have to meet face to face, formalities and all. Me and my men have primarily been wandering the southern coast, contact me if you come down our way.

*Miller releases the PTT, pleased with how relations have been going lately*

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