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Dalton, Lyca, Friends? Where are you all? What do I do? [Open frequency]

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*Leo presses the PTT and sighs*

*You hear sounds of the infected in the background*

"It's me... Leo.."

"I lost all of you! Where are you!? Well.. no matter I hope you are all alive.. I have blood on my hands now! Fuck!"

"I couldn't do anything else.. I.. He tried to kill me!? What the fuck was that about! I.. I Fuck! I've never done this before I know some of you have.."

"I.. I.. bashed his head in with.. with a fucking stone..."

*You can hear the infected getting closer and two gunshots after*

"This man tried to offer me to something!? What the fuck!? Like these infected were gods!?"

"I have a broken finger and bite on my right arm?! Luckily not from the infected.. Vittu! What kind of diseases does he carry?!"

*You hear a door open and close*

*Leo lights a cigarrette*

"I can't believe I killed a living person, those dead ones are different.. but a man.. I just tried to protect myself?!"

"I'm sorry... Fuck! What's wrong with me?! Perkele!"

"Please do contact me if you need me or want to hang out.. or whatever.. I mean I can't, not just yet.."

"But soon."

"Stay safe..."

*Releases the PTT*


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