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Luna's chatting place [private freq.]

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*Luna pushes the PTT button and doesn't say anything for a few minutes. Then she takes a deep breath and starts speaking*

Hello. Doc. May I ask what did you decide? Just did you say yes or no? Because you know I'm worried about you and my husband and I want everything to be the best for us and our future. I really hope you chose the right answer. You can speak here with all the honesty. I think people won't listen to us. 

I will be using this as a frequency where people can contact me. But don't give it away so careless. 

*She releases the PTT button and sighs at a wall*

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* After When Luna gave him the frequency he tuned it in waiting for her voice to come through, Steven would sit up from the chair of the bar just at the top of the hill from the new command that he just left and he would start to do his morning things until he was stopped by a voice * 


M-M-Miss Luna is that you? I Think I am on the right radio thingy but I am not sure. But T-T-To answer your question I said yes, I felt like I needed too because both of you were my friends but I feel like the bond that you and your people have is something that they never had and I wanted hat in my life and your people can give that to me and also I just want to F-F-Feel happy and I feel happy around you and Your people.  

I-I-I Don't think I am an official apart of your group yet because I never got the bright blue armband but that's fine I will wait until I can show you my skills and be in this group for R-R-Real, I hope you are safe and don't go around running after men in the woods * Lets of a laugh down the radio * I hope we can meet tomorrow you may ask why tomorrow well this is because I have some business that I have to take care off but I will be safe and I hope to see you S-S-Soon.  

* Steven lets go of the PTT button with a smile on his face, He looks out of the window of the bar seeing the Command full of life and energy and then looking back at his new family sleeping he says to himself ' I Have chosen right ' *


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