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To Aaron Rivers [Private frequency]

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*Ryan brushes the seaweed away form his hair as he drags himself onto the shore. He looks at his M4 on his back, ruined by the water. He sighs and takes out his radio, also seeing it fried. After a while of searching he finds himself a brand new radio and adjusts the frequency, pushing down the PTT*

Oi Aaron you cunt, why the fuck did you kick me off the pier

*he pauses*

Fight me, tomorrow, your camp... cunt

*he releases the PTT and slides the radio into his jeans, soaked with water. He heads out of the house and heads up the road*

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*Aaron giggles to himself like a school girl after witnessing Ryan collapse into the water and get swept away by the overwhelming waves, he suddenly hears his radio scream to life after Ryan speaks so emotionally into it.*

"Are ye sure ye wanna fight me lad? I mean, that was revenge for shooting me pal, I hope you enjoyed your swim, just don't bring an army of fish after me yeah ocean man? Righto anyways, I hope you're alright, take it easy for now in whatever foreign land you've been swept away to."

*Aaron clicks off his radio giggling, he then slides his radio back into his butt pocket on his jeans.*

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