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Hello everyone I figure my first post ever might as well be my introduction.
I've played DayZ on and off for a bit now. I think i've had it for about 2 years now although I never really got too much into the community of it or roleplaying heavily. (even now i'm at only around 200 hrs on SA and 100 into the mod) 
With the minuscule time I did put in,  I mostly just played on certain Arma 3 mod/SA servers grouped with two IRL friends for our own adventures and well coordinated robberies. I've known of DayZRP server for a while now and thought of interacting but had to take a hiatus from DayZ for a bit due to just being over it really.
I've been through several other survival games like h1z1(survive and kotk), rust, miscreated... all ended up being toxic communities and behaviors of 'kill first, interact later' and I have been getting tired of the killfests with no substance.

After reading through the guides/rules and creeping through the forums it seems like this place is just right with the focus being on roleplay and no kos.
I'm hoping to meet all of the calm, the weird and the aggressive people of this community and to eventually have some good stories to tell. Perhaps even join an awesome faction/group focused on helping people and stay away from my bandit past?  who knows
I'm seeing varying posts on how the RP is dying and other threads stating the exact opposite so I believe I'll just bring my humor to the hotspots and see what happens.

I look forward to seeing you all in the wasteland, 



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Welcome to the community man! 

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Well you've come to the right place Brian!

By reading your introduction I can tell you'll enjoy our community.

Very happy to have you, and perhaps our characters will meet out there.

Good luck!

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Welcome! Hope the community lives up to your expectations. ;)

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Welcome to the community, you'll have fun don't worry.

RP isn't dying it just took a tiny break.

See you in game!

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Welcome to EB Games.

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