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Jason Cortez open frequency

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*Jason leaves a small house behind and head towards a hill top to see the sun rise, as he makes it to the top he opens his backpack and finds his radio and presses the PTT*

"Hermanos, before I became a medic, I was contemplating joining the priesthood so that I could help all the lost souls in the world, I find myself looking towards the heavens and asking why? I see it now as this is my time to help all the lost souls out here, I will plan on visiting the church sites of this land and holding services and also accepting charity so that I may give to those who are in dire need."

*Jason clutches the rosary around his neck and while holding the PTT begins to pray for all of Chernarus and the people who are still alive*

"...Amen, see you all very soon I hope"

*Jason releases the PTT and packs up his stuff and continues to move on to the next church site leaving behind a bag of rice he found with a note nearby that says God is Good*

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